What Happens at Prom Stays at Prom

By: Crystal Zaragoza


Have you heard? Well if you haven’t, let me tell you, Prom is May 28, and the theme is a Night in Vegas. If you plan to attend prom it will be held at Wyndham Hotel (formerly known as the Holiday Inn.) Prom will begin at 8:00 pm and end at 12:00 pm (Pictures will start at 7 pm). You know what that means…find a date, start shopping for your “Vegas” night out, and be prepared to have the time of  your lives.  Test your luck and take a gamble on your prom date, it may be the best kept secret of a lifetime.


Museum of Tolerance


By: Jamie Jones

The Museum of Tolerance, in Los Angeles, features exhibits on: ¨Anne Frank¨,¨Ninos¨, ¨Positive Exposure¨, ¨Children of the Holocaust”, ¨Go For Broke Foundation Testimonies¨, and many others. The students who took the Mental Health First Aid Class, with Mrs. Bowers, were offered an opportunity to visit this museum on Wednesday, April 27th. At the museum, the students went on a tour and participated in the “Point of View Diner” where we were given a scenario and asked to rank how at fault individuals were in someone’s death. This experience pointed out that everyone had personal responsibility and was partially responsible for what had happened during these major historical events. The visit was eye-opening and should be on every individual’s bucket list.  Visiting the Museum of Tolerance is an emotional experience that educates the public regarding the injustices throughout history, and current ways to not allow those injustices to be repeated.

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