Megan’s Minions

By: Yarimel Barreto

Funny Minions

The Woodlake High School Journalism class of the 2015-2016 school year, is a group of twelve very unique students in Mrs. Inchcliff’s 1st period class. The class consists of nine seniors, one junior, and two freshmen. Although Journalism was once a club, this year is the first year being offered as an official class. Not only that, it is also Mrs. Inchcliff’s first year taking over “Tiger Times”, with last year being her first year involved with the club. We are a group of diligent working students, trying to keep our campus informed on the newest, latest, and greatest with information about our school, community and society. We get the opportunity to interview students, teachers, attend events, photograph, and express our thoughts about what’s happening in and out of our school. The goal is to publish a paper monthly, either through print or on our new website.  I’m more than grateful that Mrs. Inchcliff took on this endeavor with us because she’s amazing, humorous and she gets it all done, all while being her very sarcastic self. Overall, I am proud to be one of Megan’s Minions and I’m sure we will continue to have a blast in our class, with a year filled with endless memories!

Acknowledgement of the Minion Staff:

Brenda Acosta (Sr.)

Alondra Aguilar (Sr.)

Marin Apodaca Ⅲ (Sr.)

Yarimel Barreto (Frosh)

Mixsari Barreto-Nieto (Jr.)

Caprice Bursiaga (Sr.)

Emery Elder (Frosh)

Sonni Hacobian (Sr.)

Jaime Jones (Sr.)

Jordan Lee (Sr.)

Isabel Lopez (Sr.)

Cynthia McDermott (Sr.)

Student Spotlight

By: Sonni Hacobian 

Senior: Josie Tattersfield

1. What is one thing we do not know about you?

“As well as doing Martial Arts, I also enjoy fencing and voice acting.”

2. If you could invite anyone to dinner, who would it be?

“Either all my good friends or a highly functioning psychopath.”

3. What is your advice to the freshman class?

“Take what you can, give nothing back, because only dead fish go with the flow.”

4. How is your senior year going?

“I’m finishing off my year enduring defiance, trying to make it out alive.”

5. What is your superpower?

“Intuition, perspective, and reading minds.”

Student Spotlight

Maria SotoBy: Marin Apodaca III

Sophomore: Maira Soto

Maira Soto is a sophomore and new student at Woodlake High School. She moved to Woodlake from Visalia; it may not seem like a big move, but for a new student, it is a whole different story. Before attending Woodlake High School, Maira went to Golden West. She plays soccer and was thinking of trying out for the Woodlake High School softball team. Her favorite book is “Diary of a Wimpy Kid”; she also likes to read many other chapter books. Math is her favorite subject in school. Maira moved to Woodlake because her mom thought it would be better for her education without all the distractions at Golden West. Maira has two other siblings who go to school here in Woodlake. Both are younger, one goes to Woodlake Valley Middle School and the other Castle Rock Elementary. She also has a brother on independent studies and one that does not go to school.

If you see Maira on campus, make sure to say hello! 🙂

Student Spotlight

By: Jordan Lee

IMG_1435Mixsari Barreto, a new student and currently a junior here at WHS,  moved here from Las Vegas, Nevada around mid June of this year. She has an outgoing personality, and as of right now, she is on the cross country team. She accomplished placing first in Woodlake mini meet on October 21st for the Cross Country team. At her previous school, she was a varsity wrestler, and she is looking forward to this upcoming season here at WHS. Later on in the year, she has the intention to join track or softball. Outside of school she loves to run, it helps clear her mind; when she’s not running, she likes to spend her time with her friends and family, also she likes to write poetry. After high school, her plans are to attend Yale and major in chemistry and/or physics. She says “ I want to stay here until graduation, WHS has grown on me, in a short matter of time.” Furthermore, she would like to thank Dulcebella Nieto, for showing her around the school and introducing her to her friends and other students. She wants and is planning to make her junior year memorable.  If you see Mixsari around campus, make sure and say hi and make her feel welcome.

Student Spotlight

By: Jamie JonesIMG_20151028_093440

Freshman: Yarimel Barreto

Where were you last before coming to Woodlake?

“I was raised in Las Vegas and later on I transferred to Los Angeles. Overall, I attended three different middle schools for eighth grade last year. Throughout the summer I moved to Woodlake.”

What is one thing you will never do?

“One thing I will never do is let myself fail, along with attempting to avoid tripping over my own feet.”

What is one thing you’ve always wanted to do to?

“People say it’s the happiest place on Earth…something I would really like to do is go to Disneyland. It’ll be my first time there.”

What sports are you interested in joining?

“I am currently on the varsity cross country team, and I’m also hoping to join the girls soccer team, along with track.”

Which college do you want to attend when you graduate high school?

“I would like to attend Harvard or Stanford University; they’re some of the top universities for the field I would like to enter into.”

Color of the Day #Fashion

By: Jamie Jones

COTD Style is an idea originated by MercedIMG_20150917_152652314es and Andy Lilienthal of Portland, Oregon. Their objective, as explained on instagram, is to“ Rediscover your wardrobe, repurpose into awesomeness! Use our two colors per day. Gain inspiration, confidence. #COTDstyle”. Basically, the point of this group is to try to make two unlikely choices  in your wardrobe blend and have you experiment with your clothes to make your wardrobe pop. For IMG_20150915_112919310
example, cinnamon and stripes are a design and color combination you would not normally try to match together, which is what makes this an interesting challengeIMG_20150924_083512062_HDR. Woodlake High School art students have already been informed of this challenge and some students are experimenting with it. If more people get involved it would be even better and we could see a variety of students wearing new combinations of clothing. This is a great opportunity to show IMG_20150922_101726some style in your wardrobe and try to make outfits come together that are pleasing to the eye and unique. It can be an ever growing group with these different style choices being worn to school.For further information you can add them on Facebook at or also on Instagram under the name COTDstyle to be a part of this group.

More Than Just Germ Killing

By: Emery Elder

Children across California are becoming illegally intoxicated, posing many threats to their health. Most would use alcoholic drinks, but the trend of using hand sanitizer is growing greatly. This year so far, poison control has reported 153 cases of alcohol poisoning by hand sanitizer, and half involve children under the age of one, but a rising number of older adolescents are drinking it because of it’s ‘yummy candy’ scent, and most teens are drinking it as dares and for fun. Just a few squirts of hand sanitizer can equal a couple shots of hard liquor. Liquid hand sanitizer isanitizer-drunks 62-65% ethyl alcohol, or ethanol. The main ingredients are the same as beer, wine, and spirits making and is just as effective for making users drunk. Long term use can lead to brain, kidney damage, and alcohol poisoning. A recent case involved a young girl named Nhaijah Russell, she had only had 3 or 4 squirts and she said, “It tasted good, like strawberries.” When she arrived at the hospital, she was slurring her words and unable to walk. Her blood test showed that her alcohol level was .179 – that’s twice the level of a legally drunk adult. The hospital kept her overnight to watch for signs of brain damage, signs of alcohol poisoning, and kidney failure. Signs of alcohol poisoning can be found through confusion, vomiting, and drowsiness. In a few cases, children have stopped breathing. When using hand sanitizer, only use it for it’s purpose: killing germs!  A few moments of fun isn’t worth your life.  

American Horror Story: Hotel

By: Isabel Lopez

On October 7th, the season premier of the newest American Horror Story was aired. It is the 5th season of the series. This season is about guests staying in a strange, blood thirsty hotel. The first episode was filled with tons of suspense. There still remains a huge mystery about Hotel Cortez and the people who live there. Lady Gaga, the famous pop artist, guest stars in this season. It seems that Lady Gaga and her “staff” have a obsession for killing and bathing in blood. Some actors and imagesactresses have returned from previous seasons: Sarah Paulson, Kathy Bates, Evan Peters, Denis O’hare, and Angela Bassett. Sarah Paulson is playing the role of a diabolic drug addict; Kathy Bates, a hotel receptionist. Denis O’hare plays a mysterious cross dresser who works with Kathy Bates’ character. Matt Bomer plays Lady Gaga’s significant other. In this season, Wes Bentley stars as an investigator with a guilty conscience. His young son, Holden,was kidnapped, and now stays at the hotel. The investigator, John Lowe, decides to leave his home to keep his family safe from the person who had recently broke into their home. He checks into Hotel Cortez, room 64, in hopes to find out more about his son’s disappearance- little does he know of the events that have happened in room 64. Personally, I am looking forward to finding out more about the cast and the true history behind the sinister hotel.

To be continued by the show…

Pink for October

By: Caprice Bursiaga

October, or National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, is the month of the color pink. October is dedicated to those who are or have been victims of breast cancer. It allows anyone to get involved and show their support, by simply sporting the color of the month. During October, a vast amount of pink is present. Supporters change their wardrobe color to pink, their nails, and sometimes – for those passionate about the cause – their hair. It’s quite the site, but how did this tradition come to be? Well you see, in 1985, National Breast Cancer Awareness Month (NBCAM) was founded by the American Cancer Society and Imperial Chemical Industries; who are a pharmaceutical division that make several anti-breast cancer drugs. The main objective of NBCAM was to initially promote the most effective weapon against breast cancer today; mammography. It quickly turned into much more. A well known symbol of NBCAM is the pink ribbon. The pink ribbon came to be during a race for breast cancer survivors in 1991 hosted in New York City. A foundation, known as the Susan G. Komen Foundation, passed out pink ribbons. The foundation gathered the idea from the well-known red ribbon of AIDS awareness. The pink ribbon was not officially the symbol of Breast Cancer, until Alexandra Penny and Evelyn Lauder founded the Breast Cancer Research Foundation and established the pink ribbon as their symbol. Today, all kinds of people from professional athletes to high school athletes, wear pink throughout the month in a variety of places on the uniform. Athletes are not the only ones to show their support, thousands of different types of people participate in marathon runs for breast cancer. Do your part and show your support by sporting the color pink this month!!!!

But First Let Me Take A Selfie

By: Sonni Hacobian

On Wednesday, September 30, 2015 The Woodlake FFA had their first annual Photo Scavenger Hunt Chapter Meeting. The chapter meeting was a very successful night, approximately 50 members were present and participated in the meeting and activity. The meeting kicked off with few awards and raffle prizes; a special Golden Cookie award was given to our number one cookie dough seller with 32 tubs sold, Adrian Barrera. The officers discussed new business items, including our upcoming events such as the Sectional Meeting on October 21st, and the 75th anniversary of Woodlake FFA being chartered.  Along with the meeting, the parents of the FFA members had their own meeting for FFA boosters and to discuss plans for upcoming events. The Scavenger Hunt activity was perfect for our generation and their selfie taking skills, ten items were chosen and you had to find and capture a picture with the item. The officers each worked with a team to strategize and helped take pictures, it was quite the funny site to see the girls in offical dress running down the street to the district bell, and then back down the street to the marquee. The ten items chosen were:

  1. Picture in front of district office bell (must include the bell)
  2. Picture by the pool’s diarrhea sign
  3. Picture in front of the WHS Marquee
  4. Picture in front of the PAB
  5. Picture of everyone in your group on top of the bench in front of Ag Department
  6. Take a picture with a WHS Janitor
  7. Take a picture with the Ag Suburban and the AG Truck
  8. Take a picture with the sundial on campus
  9. Take picture with Ag license plate
  10. Take a picture with the mural on campus

The fastest team to get all the pictures and return back to the Ag department would be crowned the winners.  So with a spark in their eye, and their racing legs prepared, the students heard the cue and were off. Team 3 completed and returned back to the Ag department first. The rest of the teams were right on their heals. It was a wonderful night, and Woodlake FFA sure does have some excellent runners in it. Thank you all who attended, and thank you to the students who also sold cookie dough! Your efforts do not go unnoticed.