13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi

By: Isabel Lopez


download13 hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi tells the true journey of six soldiers who are stuck defending the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya, from Islamic attackers on September 11, 2012. The soldiers are out numbered, and do not have the powerful weapons their enemies do. As the defenders relentlessly use walkie-talkies to contact help or a helicopter gunship, they are left to wait for an answer. When no help arrives, the soldiers must find away to stay alive. 13 hours highlights the sickening truths that contradict the apparent lies Hillary Clinton told. She told the people that American soldiers returned home safely, yet a drone footage revealed the way they were murdered. Could this movie be a way to manipulate Clinton’s position in politics?  Michael Bay’s movie is action filled with the typical war movie plot. The movie has been out in theaters since January 15; Rolling Stones and New York Times highly recommend it to be seen by all Americans being that election is months away.

Here is the link to the trailer:

Kicking and Running, While Still Looking Stunning

By: Yarimel Barreto

You certainly must know your angles while taking your shot. With that being said, the boys and girls soccer teams started off a bit rusty, but continue to work together and are improving daily. The Varsity boys were undefeated at first, took a loss, but soon redeemed themselves and are currently doing well in league. A big shout out to the Varsity girls who are currently undefeated in league, keep it up girls!!! The girls JV team lost a few girls after a tough tournament, but have returned for the new year after their recovery and are ready to put in work. The JV boys aFullSizeRenderFullSizeRender (2)re doing well, but need to keep working together as a team to get those W’s. All teams have come far with competing with the best and have much to be proud of. Let’s see how far each team can progress as the season comes to its end. With only two weeks left in this winter sport, they must make the most of it.

Boys Soccer                                                        Girls Soccer

 Date  Opponent Location  Time Date  Opponent Location  Time
*Jan. 21 Corcoran Away  4:30/6:00pm *Jan. 21  Corcoran Home 4:30/6:00pm
*Jan. 27 Lindsay Home 4:30/6:00pm *Jan. 27  Lindsay
Away  4:30/6:00pm
*Jan. 29           Sierra Pacific Away  3:15pm *Jan. 29            Sierra Pacific Home 4:30/6:00pm
*Feb. 2            Granite Hills Away  4:30/6:00pm *Feb. 2           Granite Hills Home 4:30/6:00pm
*Feb. 4  Strathmore Away  4:30/6:00pm *Feb. 4   Strathmore Home 4:30/6:00pm
*Feb. 9  Corcoran Home 4:30/6:00pm *Feb. 9   Corcoran Away  4:30/6:00pm
*Feb. 11 Lindsay Away  4:30/6:00pm *Feb. 11 Lindsay Home 4:30/6:00pm

* – League Game

Ballers Gone Wild!



By: Arthur Reynoso

It is the end of January and the boys basketball season is starting to heat up. The boys are off to a great start, with their 6-12 record. Varsity Head Coach Louie Perez stated, ¨They have earned each win through their hard work and determination. This team has been putting in time and work since the beginning of Spring, and it’s starting to show on the court. I can expect this team to make some noise in the playoffs this year.” The team has hit some bumps in the road, but they were able to push forward. One of the team’s highlighted victories of the season was, being the first boys basketball team at Woodlake to defeat the Exeter Monarchs in over two decades. Another memorable moment for the team was their trip to Phoenix, AZ for the 16th Annual Cactus Jam. They went head to head with the best teams across the country, and placed 5th out of 16 teams. Competing with teams from Alaska, Canada, New York, and Washington, our Tigers showed each team how they “ball” in California. With league beginning, it just reminds the Seniors that this is possibly their final year playing basketball. Senior Jacob Varela stated,”This has easily been one of the best teams that I have been a part of. I’m going to miss every single one of my teammates when the season is over.” Being the final year that our seniors will play on the court, they are going to compete with everything they’ve got. We can expect a great season from our Basketball team.

Win the Powerball then Turn Up!

by: Marin Apodaca III

$528 million dollars has proven to be unbelievably impossible for most people, with the exception of this year’s three lucky winners. Could you imagine winning that much money? What would you do with that amount of money? The powerball was a huge topic of conversation the past couple of weeks. Three lucky winners experienced that “unbelievable feeling” temporarily, until unfortunately being taxed dramatically. Although they will still  remain millionaires after, so don’t feel too sorry for them. One of the three winners, a Tennessee couple, John and Lisa Robinson explain the overwhelming feeling and the life changes that are to come as a result of winning. John, the husband, also states that “his life has become hectic in Tennessee.” In the end, winning the powerball is not easy and is based on luck rather than skill; for a chance to win follow the six easy steps listed below.

How to play powerball with six easy steps:

Step 1: Must be 18 or older to play.

Step 2: Find a gas station with powerball tickets

Step 3: Pick 5 lucky numbers 1-69 and one powerball number 1-26

Step 4: Pay $2 receive Powerball ticket

Step 5: Believe…. Believe some more

Step 6: Check. Win. Turn Up.  

Better Start Running, Sadie’s is Coming

neon lightsBy: Jamie Jones

Sadie Hawkins Day was an American Folk event and a pseudo-holiday that originated in Al Capp‘s classic hillbilly comic strip, Li’l Abner (1934–1978), where the “homeliest gal in all them hills” named Sadie, chased down a bachelor and dropped him across a finish line. According to the comic, the gal’s dad forced all the bachelors into a race for his daughter, whoever lost and was caught by his daughter had to marry her. The article inspired our real-world Sadie Hawkins dances, where girls ask boys out. Woodlake High School’s Sadie’s dance is to be held on March 4th by the sophomore class. Last years theme was sports, two years ago was Neon and this years theme is still undecided, but rumor has it it will be Neon Lights. The cost is 3 dollars pre-sale, 5 dollars at the door, and their is no special price for couples or with ASB. This event is held in the old gym.

Get involved with Kiwanis Club !

Screenshot 2016-01-26 at 9.02.58 AM

By:Crystal Zaragoza

The Kiwanis Club of Woodlake has been re-established since 1989; they help out the community in multiple ways with a smile on their faces. Not only do they help out our community,  they are also involved with other communities as well such as: Three Rivers, our National Parks, Exeter, and Lemon Cove.  The club will also provide students with community service hours, so if you need hours, they are the people to ask.

  If you are interested here are some events coming up:

  1.  The Kiwanis Club is sponsoring the Key Club (Kiwanis Club in high school) to help Special Olympics in a Bowl-a-Thon.  This event will be held in March, but the Key  Club is collecting money and gathering teams now.  You can talk to Mrs. Pena about participating in this event.


  1.  On the first Friday in March, the Kiwanis Club will host the Woodlake Awards Night.  It honors people and students in Woodlake who have done great work in our community, and dinner will be provided.  


  1.  Three Key Club students just returned from the Rose Bowl Parade in Pasadena. There they volunteered to work on the floats at this one day event.  Jessica Reynoso from Key Club can tell you all about the experience.


If you are a Senior and need scholarships for college, join Key Club, it will help more than you think. If you have any further questions, contact Mrs.Pena in the main office and she will guide you to their club.


Can You Figure It Out?

By: Sonni Hacobian

The first person to successfully answer all of the following riddles and prove it to Mrs. Inchcliff, will win a prize! Who will it be? Think hard, it might just be you! If you think you’ve got all the correct answers, go see her in room 51 by February 5th. Good luck!

Q: How do you make the number one disappear?



Q: We see it once in a year, twice in a week, and never in a day. What is it?



Q: What starts with the letter “t”, is filled with “t” and ends in “t”?



Q: What can you catch but not throw?



Q: Take away my first letter, and I still sound the same. Take away my last letter, I still sound the same. Even take away my letter in the middle, I will still sound the same. I am a five letter word. What am I?



Q: What is black when you buy it, red when you use it, and gray when you throw it away?



Q: What animal keeps the best of time?



Q: A doctor and a bus driver are both in love with the same woman, an attractive girl named Sarah. The bus driver had to go on a long bus trip that would last a week. Before he left, he gave Sarah seven apples. Why?



Q: What has no beginning, end, or middle?



Q: I make you weak at the worst of all times. I keep you safe, I keep you fine. I make your hands sweat, and your heart grow cold, I visit the weak, but seldom the bold. What am I?



Q:What gets wet as it dries?


Use the link below to print out this article:


“The Cold Never Bothered A Team Anyway”

By: Kiara Benavides

IMG_1555On January 7, 2016 Woodlake FFA’s Chapter and Greenhand (Freshmen) officer teams kicked off the new semester and restarted their gears with a winter leadership retreat to Sequoia National Park. Retreat gave the two teams an opportunity to connect and bond with each other while participating in different activities such as a snowshoe hike adventure. Snowshoeing gave new experiences to all the officers and advisors which proved both fun and challenging. The challenges that were met with this activity helped the officers become closer amongst each other and helped them step out of their comfort zones to become better individual leaders. Whether it was speaking up about a possible sketchy situation or helping a teammate out when they fell behind and couldn’t get up. Each officer took lessons on leadership away from this retreat including fun filled memories that were surely made as well as lessons that they can hold onto and apply to their future endeavors. As stated by the chapter’s current sentinel, Pia Martinez, “I learned that we (as a team) are all in this together and as a group we can solve any challenge thrown at us. I had a blast creating new memories with both of the Woodlake FFA officer teams. They are the only people I would want to snowshoe with for three and a half hours then still laugh with excitement and energy on the way home!”. All in all, Woodlake FFA’s officers moved mountains in their leadership abilities and spent time making many memories. Woodlake FFA is gearing up for a fun and busy semester filled with leadership opportunities, career development events, fundraising, and continuing to prepare our members for successful futures.

Student Spotlight: What Inspired Your Outfit Today?

By: Zeke Guerrerostudent_spotlight-900x450

Throughout the week, it is inevitable that any user of social media run into a photo hash-tagged #OOTD. What is #OOTD? OOTD is a common hashtag on social media forms, mostly instagram, that means Outfit Of The Day. Many people use this hashtag to caption and show off their trendy outfits they have put together or recreated from someone else’s style. Whether you are browsing through the internet, or scavenging through your dirty hamper ten minutes before the bell rings, your outfit is the result of an inspiration. Some individuals base their outfits on their celebrity idols, whats clean, or whats comfy. Now my quest was to reveal what and why the students and faculty on the Woodlake High School campus were inspired to wear.


Teacher: Mrs. Bowers

“COTD Style inspires my outfits every weekday. I chose posted colors or patterns from my clothes, and try to be creative. Today I also wanted to be comfortable, so I wore flats and jeans.”



Senior: Ingrid Avalos

“I just picked out what worked for me, I wore this because I felt like getting ready and wearing something nice.”


Junior: Daniella Renteria

“My favorite color is blue so it was between my brown or blue shirt, I chose the blue one with a pair of converse and jeans, with a scarf. I wore it because it was cute and lazy.”

2016-01-21 20.27.32

Sophomore: Carlos Lucatero

“My outfit is based off of simple and comfortable street style. I chose to stick with basic bottoms and a plain top with a cool, bold jacket.”


Freshman: Julian Duran

“Well I knew it was going to be cold, but not cold enough that I needed a jacket so I put on this long sleeve and some jeans.”


New Year, New You?

By: Caprice Bursiaga

At 12 o’clock on January 1, we said “goodbye” to 2015 and “hello” to 2016. For some, the new year is no big deal, but for others it is the time for celebration and setting resolutions. These resolutions, the majority of the time, end up staying just that; they do not go on to become achievements, but rather stay unsuccessful resolutions. Statistics show that only 8% of Americans make their new year’s resolutions. That is a CRAZY low number. When goals are given the title of resolutions, it becomes more of a challenge for individuals to follow. Why? Resolutions are not taken seriously. Below is the top 10 new year’s resolutions for the year of 2015. Instead of making resolutions every time the new year comes around, we should instead be incorporating these resolutions into our everyday lives, with the exception of  “quit smoking” given most of us are not even of legal age to smoke. That’s beside the point, in the end, the point is, we should not wait for the new year to “enjoy life to the fullest” or to “stay fit and healthy”; that should be an everyday occurrence, because let’s be honest, your resolution has probably already fallen in the 92% broken resolution category. It’s okay though, you are not alone! We would not need resolutions if they were already an everyday occurrence. New year, new you? For 8% of people, yeah sure, let’s shoot for a higher percentage this year. Remember, perspective  is everything. Shoot for the stars without titling your journey a “resolution”.

Rank Top 10 New Years resolutions for 2015
1 Lose Weight
2 Become Organized
3 Spend Less, Save More
4 Enjoy Life to the Fullest
5 Staying Fit and Healthy
6 Learn Something Exciting
7 Quit Smoking
8 Help Others in Their Dreams
9 Fall in Love
10 Spend More Time with Family