Did You Get Pinched?

By: Jamie Jones

Held on the 17th of March, St. Patrick’s day is a day to celebrate the heritage and culture of the Irish and the belief of Christianity in Ireland. The holiday was named after Saint Patrick who was the most patron saint in Ireland before his death.Wearing green and shamrocks (clovers) is a must for this festive holiday. When it came to meals, corned beef and cabbage was a traditional Irish meal and a main dish for a traditional St. Patrick’s day feast. Now the question that needs to be answered is, why do we pinch each other on St. Patrick’s Day? St. Patrick’s day is based on the folk stories of Leprechauns, pinching those who didn’t wear green to warn them about the Leprechauns. When asked, what do you know about St. Patrick’s day, freshman Emery Elder said, “That you wear green and if you don’t you get pinched¨.  Scott “Joe” Wright a sophomore said, “I know that it’s green, a lot of green.” I asked junior Angel Torres the same question, his reply was “I’m going to get out of here, I don’t know anything about St. Patrick’s Day.” Senior, Marin Apodaca said, “You wear green. Try not to get pinched and all that gibberish.”  St. Patrick’s day is a tradition practiced by many, and even if one is unfamiliar with the history, most know the color GREEN is important on this special day.

Healing with Heart!

By: Zeke Guerrero


March brought Woodlake High School many advantages: rain, sun, chalk, and hope. You may be wondering what I mean by chalk and hope, Woodlake High School held their 1st ever Chalk Art Festival. The Chalk Art Festival was a great time to view, make, and learn about hope and healing for mental health. The community, Art Department, English Department, organizations, and the Lisa Project came together to make this possible. The English Department showed support through hosting a poetic art activity for staff and visitors. Guests also had resources about dating violence and reproductive health. Another important organization that attended was The Lisa Project. The Lisa Project presented their exhibit on abuse, also giving guests tips and resources about abuse. This event could not have happened without sponsors, Youth Male Leadership (YML) program, and Act for Women and Girls SHAPE. Overall guests left with new knowledge, resources and a great experience.

Some Secrets Should Be Told

By: Caprice Bursiaga

March 10th – 12th our small community of Woodlake was fortunate enough to first hand experience the emotional walk through of the Lisa Project. The Lisa Project is a portable PG-13, multi-sensory exhibit that allows the audience to use their senses while walking through different child abuse scenarios. The visitors are given an ilopod and headset in order to listen, through audio narration from a child’s perspective, and enter a world that these children face on a daily basis. Each room displayed in the exhibit told a different story, but each one equally touched the hearts of any visitor present. As mentioned on their website, “the result of this experience is a community that is made more aware with positive and helpful steps given at the end of the tour to protect children and strengthen families”. If you missed out this time, it is unfortunate, but we are likely to have them back sometime in the future. For more information visit their website at http://thelisaproject.org/


Sadies In The 80’s

By: Yarimel Barreto

Sadies was held Friday March 4, in which gender roles did not apply giving girls the opportunity to ask a boy to this dance. Nobody attending Woodlake High School was born in the eighties, so dressing up was a bit of a task for some. The 80’s was a time where showing off your curves with neon colors was a must! ThereforeFullSizeRender (6), all the ladies and men wore colorful tight spandex, tights and tanks. Some were able to accomplish this look as if they lived throuFullSizeRender (7)gh the 80’s. At the entrance you see green streamers;  inside was colorful lights and dazzling posters. The DJ was determined to make the crowd dance like there was no tomorrow. There was dancing, laughter and memory making Sadies a success. Everyone who attended had fun and a great time.

Sports For Your Spring

By: Marin Apodaca III

In High School sports, our Woodlake Tigers baseball team hosted the Ron Robinson Tournament here in Woodlake. The Tournament was four days and schools such as: Parlier, Orange Cove, Tranquility, Farmersville and a couple more attended the tournament. Woodlake went 3-1, losing only to Parlier, which was their 1st game of the tournament.

In the college world, NCAA March Madness has been… interesting, to say the least.. Local schools such as Fresno State and CSU Bakersfield earned a spot, but only to lose in Round 1 of 64 with the following results: Fresno St. 69, Utah 80, and Oklahoma 82, and CSU Bakersfield 68. Coming down to the Final Four: Number 2 Villanova and also #2 Oklahoma will be facing off, and Number 1 North Carolina will play #10 Syracuse. The winners of these games will advance to the Championship game which will be played April 4, 2016.

In the MLB world, history was made during the break on  March 22. The Tampa Bay Rays played Cuba, in Cuba! The Rays beat Cuba 4 to 1 and the Tampa Bay Rays managed to hit the 1st Home Run in Cuba.cubaandtampabay

Let’s Plant a Tree!

By: Brenda Acosta

Ever heard of Arbor Day? If not, here is some background on the uncommon holiday. Way back in 1854, J. Sterling Morton moved from Detroit to Nebraska. He and other people traveling noticed a lack of trees, which were needed to stabilize the soil and to give shade from the sun. Morton planted many trees around his own home and encouraged others to do as he did. On January 4, 1872, he proposed a holiday to plant trees on April 10 that year. This was known as “Arbor Day” and prizes were awarded to the counties and those who planted the most trees on the day. About one million trees were planted in Nebraska on the first Arbor Day. In 1885, Arbor Day became a legal holiday and was moved to April 22, which was Morton’s birthday. In 1989, the official state holiday was moved to the last Friday in April. All states in the US now have an official Arbor Day, usually at a time of year that has the best weather conditions for planting trees. In California Arbor Day is celebrated an entire week! This year it is from March 7-14. Get your Arbor Day spirit on and plant a tree!


Capitol Hill On Lock Down

By: Sonni Hacobian

On Monday, March 28, 2016, in Washington D.C. Capitol Hill was locked down! A man with a pistol was shot by Police Chief Matthew Verderosa. The suspect was identified as Larry Russell Dawson, who has had past run-ins with the law, and he drew his weapon but was shot by law enforcement before he could shoot. During the incident, a 40 year old citizen suffered minor injuries from flying shrapnel which is bullet debris. Dawson has had many reported disturbances at the Capitol, including assaulting a police officer and unlawful conduct on Capitol grounds, according to D.C. court records. This event forced lockdowns in all surrounding areas, including the Annual Egg Roll at the White House. Dawson is currently being treated at a local hospital and is in stable but critical condition as of late Monday, the Associated Press reported.

Just Discovered Talents

By: Isabel Lopez

After weeks of practice, on Friday, March 18th,Woodlake High School had a couple of students and even a teacher perform as a group. Mr. McCue, Jacob Varela (Sr), Javier Serrano (Jr), Daniel Tafolla (Sr), and Shania Finney (Jr) played and sang various songs at lunch. We heard the musical voice talents of Javier, Jacob, and Mr. McCue; they performed 21 Guns, Shadow of the Day, 1 2 3 4, and Margaritaville. Meanwhile Shania and Daniel kept the beat going. Each one of them had a significant role in playing each song. Piano, guitar, bass guitar, drums: all needed to make the music flow together and sound fantastic. Mr. McCue and each of the students did an amazing job individually; each of them being so talented in the instruments they played. Their performance went well, and they succeeded in entertaining students who gathered to watch during lunch. They will be performing again on April 29th at the park. If you would like to request a song, talk to Mr. McCue!

Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice: Movie of The Year?




By Arthur Reynoso
As the month of March comes to an end, one of the most anticipated movies of the year hit theaters on March 25. That’s right, Batman V. Superman: Dawn of Justice was finally released. Zac Snyder, the director of the movie, did a fantastic job and made many comic book fans worldwide proud of how the story stuck closely to the actual comic. The movie begins a bit slow, picking up 2 years later after the events of “Man of Steel” (not considered a sequel). When Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck) and Clark Kent (Henry Cavill) first meet, tension begins to build  between the two heroes after a discussion regarding how they believe each other’s alter egos are a menace to society. Soon both Batman and Superman prepare to face off one another. One reason why this movie was greatly successful was because of the hype between two greats of the superhero universe. In the comics, when these two phenomenons go head to head, it was like watching “the greatest gladiator match in the history of the world.” With something like this hitting theaters, everybody just had to witness the event. Even though this movie is great, it is a stepping stone leading up to the creation of The Justice League film that will be coming in 2017. Overall, Batman v. Superman was a major hit and broke Box Office records and easily became the number 1 March and Easter movie released on its very first day! If you haven’t seen the film, then you are missing out on one of the greatest movies so far to hit theaters in 2016.