What Happens at Prom Stays at Prom

By: Crystal Zaragoza


Have you heard? Well if you haven’t, let me tell you, Prom is May 28, and the theme is a Night in Vegas. If you plan to attend prom it will be held at Wyndham Hotel (formerly known as the Holiday Inn.) Prom will begin at 8:00 pm and end at 12:00 pm (Pictures will start at 7 pm). You know what that means…find a date, start shopping for your “Vegas” night out, and be prepared to have the time of  your lives.  Test your luck and take a gamble on your prom date, it may be the best kept secret of a lifetime.


Museum of Tolerance


By: Jamie Jones

The Museum of Tolerance, in Los Angeles, features exhibits on: ¨Anne Frank¨,¨Ninos¨, ¨Positive Exposure¨, ¨Children of the Holocaust”, ¨Go For Broke Foundation Testimonies¨, and many others. The students who took the Mental Health First Aid Class, with Mrs. Bowers, were offered an opportunity to visit this museum on Wednesday, April 27th. At the museum, the students went on a tour and participated in the “Point of View Diner” where we were given a scenario and asked to rank how at fault individuals were in someone’s death. This experience pointed out that everyone had personal responsibility and was partially responsible for what had happened during these major historical events. The visit was eye-opening and should be on every individual’s bucket list.  Visiting the Museum of Tolerance is an emotional experience that educates the public regarding the injustices throughout history, and current ways to not allow those injustices to be repeated.

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FFA Members Electrified!

By: Sonni HacobianIMG_1335

On Saturday, April 22, FFA members left for the 88th Annual FFA State Convention.  The conference was held at the Selland Arena in Fresno CA, where the energy from the members could have powered the building. Woodlake FFA had 18 leaders attend this convention, and California had over 6,000 attendees from 309 chapters. The current State FFA Officers ran 5 sessions where the members were recognized for their premier participation in the FFA program.  Advisors were thanked for their dedication to the members, keynote speakers filled our brains with excellent advice, and the new 2016-2017 State Officer Team was voted upon by 2 delegates from every chapter. The conference theme was ELECTRIFY, by electrifying FFA, we electrify the world! This four days convention was filled with an unbelievable amount of success and excitement for the members of the Woodlake FFA Chapter! Woodlake High School’s FFA members are anxious to bring back the knowledge they have gained from the 88th State FFA Conference!

Cody Gibson “The Renegade”

By: Yarimel Barreto

Cody Gibson: a high school teacher by day and a mixed martial arts fighter by night. Life for Gibson may seem like a dream but it’s not all easy, a little hard work is not something he is afraid of. Simply having the job of teaching seems like a lot as it is, but there is more to his life than just his day job.

Question 1: Is the transition from teaching to training difficult? An obvious answer, “Yes. Of course it is.” Yet, Gibson still manages to find time to train for a fight. He arrives at the gym by 4:00pm daily and trains til 9:00pm. He’s one of the first teachers to arrive on campus in the mornings to ensure his lessons are well-planned for his students. Gibson, now (13-6) will make his return anticipating his next potential opponent, RoIMG_3746lando Velasco, the Tachi Palace Fights bantamweight champion, on May 19.

Question 2: How do you feel when you’re training for an upcoming fight? “Excited. I love to fight, and love to compete against a lot of people. Fighting feels like a natural thing. Not invented throughout time or generations like baseball, basketball, soccer or football. It’s a thing you do when you’re growing up with your siblings.” You might be wondering what it is like during a match… Gibson responds, “If I’m getting my butt kicked, not so good. If I’m kicking butt, I feel good. Really all depends on the fight and how it’s going.” He’s certainly not as nervous as when he started off as a NewB. He feels a lot more confidence now that he’s fought 20 pro fights.

Strategies. What is his strategy for a match? He answers, “It all depends on who you’re fighting. I use jiu jitsu, wrestling, boxing, and stand up. I have good boxing and wrestling techniques, so I’ll know what to use.” After many fights and rounds Gibson has a better knowledge of what strategies to use against his opponents.

Gibson isn’t always satisfied with his wins. He is his biggest critic even if he dominated the fight. “I don’t ever seem to be satisfied. People tell me I looked good and all, but I always think that I could have done this better or I could’ve done that in a different way.” Gibson admires the quote, “Be the best version of yourself you can be today,” because at the end of the day, you can only be you, so be the best you that you can be.

Taking Action for the Earth

By: Brenda Acostahappy-earth-day-2016-1024x427

Earth Day should not be just for environmentalists and hippies, it should be for ALL of us living on this planet.This celebration all began way back in 1970. Rumor has it that April 22 was chosen as the official day for Earth because it landed on a Wednesday, which was the best day of the week to encourage people to make a change. Earth Day is a day to reflect on our planet, the environment, and everything we can do to make it a better place for us all. According to www.sustainablecommunication.org, “Americans make about 10.5 million tons of plastic waste a year and recycle only 1-2%.” A single plastic water bottle can take about 450 years to decompose! Shocker right? There are so many more ideas that contribute to the issues regarding Earth, but there is only one way to make this situation better; we must take action. Making even the smallest changes to what we do in our daily lives can make a difference on the amount of damage that already exists. Here is a short list of activities for you to participate in on Earth Day to begin making a difference.

  1. Make a recycling plan
  2. Fix those leaky faucets
  3. Plant a tree
  4. Give up plastic water bottles
  5. Go paperless
  6. Organize a community clean up

Ready, Set, Test!

By Emery Elder

Juniors! Get ready for the CAASPP assessment. I know testing is monotonous, but there is a reason why students must take this assessment.  This assessment is used to rank your school and see how Woodlake High School compares to other schools in California and throughout the nation.  All juniors will be testing in their English classes starting May 18th. The school will be on a block schedule for 2 weeks. Yes, I know what you’re thinking, “TWO WEEKS OF TESTING?!” But it has to be done, so be sure to start strong, stay strong, and finish strong! This assessment will reflect the new Common Core National standards. The school will be given a report card based on the student’s performance, hopefully we do great. It’s a very important test and you need to give it your best effort. Also the EAP is embedded into the CAASPP/SBAC assessment, making it one test instead of two separate tests. How well students score on the EAP portion will determine college placement in their Math and English classes.


CAASPP Test Calendar

 MONDAY                  TUESDAY               WEDNESDAY             THURSDAY                FRIDAY

May 16:  A Block

    ELA Test

May 17: B Block

     ELA Test                         

May 18: A Block

ELA performance


May 19: B Block

ElA Performance


May 20: A Block

ELA Performance Task

May 23: B Block

   Math Test

May 24: A Block math performance Task May 25: B Block Math Performance Task

CAASPP Test Schedule


A block: 1, 3, 5

B block: 2, 4, 6


Regular SBAC Schedule Late Start Wed SBAC Schedule
Per 1, 2:     8:05-10:10

Brunch:    10:10-1025

Per 3, 5:   10:29-12:33

Lunch:      12:33-1:08

Per 5, 6:    1:12-3:16

Per 1, 2:     9:10-10:54

Brunch:     10:54-11:06

Per 3, 4:   11;10-12:54

Lunch:      12:54-1:26

Per5, 6:      1:33-3:16


Cyber Safety and Etiquette

By Caprice Bursiaga

Our world is ruled by technology. The more our world has progressed, the more advanced technology has become. With technology comes the implement we all love and cherish – the internet. The internet can be a wonderful resource for just about everyone, especially students and working individuals, but when not used ¨appropriately¨ and/or carefully, negative situations can occur.  A major use of the internet is for social media. Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook are all examples of some current popular social media sites. These forms of communication allow followers to view pieces of other users’ lives each time they post a status, picture, or video. With that in mind, the issue of privacy surfaces. What personal information should remain confidential versus what is safe to reveal to the public? In the end, the choice is in the hands of the user – you – but users of the sites should understand how dangerous and exposing it could be for those who provide too much personal information online. In doing just that, it increases the chances of coming in contact with predators.


Predators are often strangers who pose with false identities in order to gain the trust of users in hopes that those targeted could fulfill any desire wanted by them. In the eyes of the law, predators could also be considered any ordinary individual 18 and older, whom possess any explicit photos of those younger than 18, whether in a relationship or not. An exchange as such may seem harmless in the beginning, but when in the wrong hands, or the rights hands at the wrong time, controversy can occur. Often, social media is a neat and useful outlet; it allows users everywhere to express themselves in ways they could not when present anywhere. When this outlet provided by social media is used negatively, the term bullying comes into play. Posting, commenting, or messaging inappropriate content about anyone online is considered cyberbullying. Bullying of any sort is not morally right, and could lead to conflict resulting in prosecution. Then again, any of the issues listed above, could possibly result in prosecution. Be safe online, and continue reading to discover possible solutions to the everyday, common problems previously mentioned.  


What to do

By Isabel Lopez

As you can see there is a copious amount of consequences that come with the internet and technology, when not used carefully. There is a danger when it comes to almost any social media site. Below describes what to do if you ever find yourself in any of the situations listed above. Given the situation that a stranger or possibly a predator has messaged you, identify the key points to finding out if his or her intentions are true. If they are repeatedly agreeing with you, making up excuses as to why they can’t send a picture or video chat, trying to get you to send pictures or very personal information, then you should suspect that they may be an online predator. To avoid a conversation with a predator is easy; keep your accounts private, when messaged, don’t begin a conversation with someone you do not know, and do not give out important information containing your address or number. You may want to reconsider a picture or video before posting it somewhere everyone can see. If they continue to be a bother you may want to think about talking to an adult or contact authorities. Bullying is also a huge controversy with social media. If you’re a victim of cyber bullying, the best solutions are: ignore, record, reach out , and cut off the bully. You do not want to antagonize the bully by sinking to his or hers level. Keep a record of all the comments or messages you have received from the bully, it is easier to identify the bully this way. Block the bully if they continue to post rude or unnecessary comments on your account. Do not believe anything the bully says; if you’re feeling down in the dumps, talk to someone. Often users do not know that they are bullying others. If you post a comment or tell someone something that makes them feel less than you, then you are consider a bully. Before making a social media account, or posting information think about the consequences that it can lead to. Be Safe, Be Secure, Be Smart.

Why Voting is Important!

By: Zeke GuerrerodownloadIt is that time again, time to vote. Have you registered to vote yet? Many people choose not to vote for a number of reasons, the biggest one being that many Americans believe their vote does not matter. Voting is very important as it impacts the world around us,including the people who cannot vote. Whether local or national, these elections determine the laws, economy, policies and appointments that are soon to come. When qualifying voters say ¨my vote does not matter¨ they don’t realize that thousands of other people say that as well. Not only does that phrase shape our country’s future, but it shapes the mindsets of future and present voters. The presidential primary date is June 7, 2016, and the general election day is November 8, 2016. Help shape your country through voting, because your voice does matter.

Changing Currency

By: Misty Stevenson

     The United States have had set faces for currency for many years. For example; Abraham Lincoln is on the $5 bill, Alexander Hamilton is on the $10 bill, and Andrew Jackson is on the $20 bill. Now big changes are happening with the currency, some existing faces on the bills will no longer be there. President Lincoln will remain on the front of the $5 bill, but the image of the Lincoln Memorial on the back will be redesigned to depict historic events that happened such as Martin Luther King Jr.’s 1963 “I Have a Dream” speech. The back of the $10 bill will show the Women’s Suffrage Movement, which culminated in the 19th amendment giving women the right to vote in 1920. The women to be honored on the back of that bill are women suffrage advocates such as: Lucretia Mott, Sojourner Truth, Susan B. Anthony, Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Alice Paul. The biggest  change will be happening to the $20 bill.  Harriet Tubman will be the new face of the $20 bill, to make room for Tubman on the front of the $20 bill, Jackson will be moved to the back where he’ll be incorporated into the existing image of the White House.  These new bills will make it harder to counterfeit and make it easier for blind people to know what bills they are dealing with based on different textures of each bill. A representative stated that the first bill to receive these changes will be the $10 bill because they are most prone to counterfeiting. Be on the lookout for these new bills in the near future.