Stop Clowning Around!

By Desirae Bryant

October is a month full of falling leaves, pumpkin patches, and spooky stories. It’s the time of the year when Children of all ages- and those few adult children- dress up in costumes and roam the night in search of free candy. Goblins and ghouls, vampires and werewolves, all on the hunt for a sweet snack and a good time.clown This year; however, a new breed of predator has hit the streets, and evidently, they are quite terrifying. Clown sightings have been flooding national news headlines. Now, one might think: “Clowns? What’s so scary about clowns”. Well, these clowns are not your typical birthday party, balloon blowing, friends. These are the types of clowns that cause you to lie awake at three a.m. fearing for your personal safety. The sightings began around late August in South Carolina, when children reported a clown attempting to lure them into nearby woods. A pair of children in Georgia claimed they ran for their lives from a clown while waiting at their local bus stop on their way to school. Stories such as these continue to catch the eyes of concerned citizens all over the nation.clowns Though the accounts have been determined as pranks by law enforcement, police are still taking the situation seriously. More than a dozen individuals have been arrested in connection to the sightings. This new phenomenon is a frightening start to a very fun-filled month, so watch yourselves when trick-or-treating, or even when roaming the streets around town. You may never know what lies ahead. 

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