Update of Woodlake FFA By Chris Coelho

Woodlake FFA has been busy in the past month. They started off with a competition for the Soil Judging Team, and is currently holding meetings for the Citrus Judging Team. The Citrus Judging Team had their first meeting on November 15th, and they started going over the diseases that they will be seeing and judging when they go to their competitions. The Soils Judging Team went to a pre season competition and the team consisted of Elisabeth Reid,  Crystal Sandoval, Cassandra Garcia, and Daniela Frausto. The Soils team got fifth place overall team at the competition. Good luck to both of  the Citrus and Soils judging team.







College = Knowledge

By: Jasmine Armenta

College is a part of many lives. Once you’re out of high school, many go straight to college. After college, maybe you can return to your roots and get a job at Woodlake High School. Here is a recap of several awesome teachers that had great college experience, and students that are going to go to college, and what they think about their future.


Mr.Hopper attended – in Carbondale Illinois. The University included classes of 20-30 students, but it also has huge auditorium classes. This University has a great reputation in academics, sports, and music. This would be a great University if you’re considering college athletics.


Mr.Santos attended Fresno State- To attend this college, the requirements include  a 3.0 GPA with all the required high school classes. This college is great because it is close to our hometown, the tuition is cheaper than a U.C, and the cost for the rent is cheaper than bigger cities.


Arbol Ortega would like to attend the University of California, Riverside. “ I would like to attend because I love the atmosphere the location and the beautiful campus. You must have A-G courses in order to qualify for UCR admission.” This college is close to DISNEYLAND!!!!!! So when you want to have a whole lot of fun, you can go to Disneyland.

Halloween Memories & Plans

Here are a few Woodlake High school students’ most memorable Halloween moments explained, and their plans for Halloween this year!


By Dulce Hernandez

Yvette Ceballos (Junior)

What was your most memorable Halloween?

“My most memorable Halloween was when I snuck out at 3 in the morning to go with my cousin, and we hiked skyline; it was dark, scary, and we also jumped in the river, it was pretty cold.”

What are you dressing up as for Halloween?

“I’m dressing up as a DC Super-villain.”

What are your plans this Halloween?

“My plans are to have a LIT time!”


Juan (Freshman)

What was your most memorable Halloween?

“Last year I was walking through an alley alone. I wasn’t scared until I felt as if someone was following me. I kept on looking back, and the alley kept on getting darker and darker. I kept on hearing noises behind me and realized my dog followed me…”

What are you dressing up as for Halloween?

“I want to dress up as Nicki Minaj…”

What are your plans this Halloween?

“My plans for this Halloween is to go to a Halloween party, and try to win the costume contest.”


Jessica Ruelas (Junior)

What was your most memorable Halloween?

“My most memorable Halloween was when I got lost in Visalia. I was new to Woodlake, and everyone told me that the candy was better in Visalia. My mom dropped me and my friends off thinking we would be fine, but 5 minutes in, we go lost and ended up by some orchards. None of us had service, so I couldn’t call my mom or even the cops. Eventually we stumbled upon a closed store with a pay phone, and my friend happened to have some change to use. Thats is why I’m never going out for Halloween again”

What are you dressing up as for Halloween?


What are your plans this Halloween?

I’m staying home, eating candy, and watching the walking dead on Netflix”.