College = Knowledge

By: Jasmine Armenta

College is a part of many lives. Once you’re out of high school, many go straight to college. After college, maybe you can return to your roots and get a job at Woodlake High School. Here is a recap of several awesome teachers that had great college experience, and students that are going to go to college, and what they think about their future.


Mr.Hopper attended – in Carbondale Illinois. The University included classes of 20-30 students, but it also has huge auditorium classes. This University has a great reputation in academics, sports, and music. This would be a great University if you’re considering college athletics.


Mr.Santos attended Fresno State- To attend this college, the requirements include  a 3.0 GPA with all the required high school classes. This college is great because it is close to our hometown, the tuition is cheaper than a U.C, and the cost for the rent is cheaper than bigger cities.


Arbol Ortega would like to attend the University of California, Riverside. “ I would like to attend because I love the atmosphere the location and the beautiful campus. You must have A-G courses in order to qualify for UCR admission.” This college is close to DISNEYLAND!!!!!! So when you want to have a whole lot of fun, you can go to Disneyland.

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