Is Dating Still Fun ?



By:Isabella Franco

Back in the 40’s and 50’s, the guys would actually have to find the courage to ask the girl out. For example, what I can gather from movies, is the guys arrive at the girl’s house and takes her out on a fun. innocent date. The perfect couple goes to dinner, and then decides to goon an evening stroll around the park just to get to know each other.  Fast forward 20 years, as women become more independent, the dating scene has dramatically changed. Women start to take it upon themselves to ask the guys out on dates.  Now, in present time, times have changed even more.  We have come to a certain day and age where dating has lost its meaning with all the technology that we have. The guys do not even ask the girl out anymore in person, it is all done by text or through social media. Is dating dead or fun in the eyes of young couples?  Which era would you prefer to fall in love in?

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