Havin a Ball’

By Julian Duran 

One of Woodlake High’s strongest aspects has always been their athletics. This fall sports season, Woodlake High showed flying colors through their girls tennis and volleyball teams. After losing league by a couple of hard fought battles with a record of 7-3, Tiger volleyball team redeemed themselves by advancing further into playoffs than most expected. The girls lost in quarterfinals to Yosemite High School, but managed to  capture a victory over Sunnyside High School with a score of 3-1, in the first round. When watching the Lady Tigers play, it was inspiring to see them leave it all on the court. Girls tennis team also did exceptionally well during this season. After many of the girls advanced through playoffs, Katie Pfaff, a junior, progressed even further by qualifying for valley finals. After a long season, Katie finished second in the valley and brought home many victories.


Jocelyn Sanchez

Q: What is your most memorable moment from the 2016 season?

A: “When Genesis Gonzalez and I dropped a sno cone on an elderly lady while attempting to cheer.”

Q: What characteristic of your team would you say is the strongest?

A: “The bond between all of us girls. Throughout the season we have had some falling outs, but after it all, we have formed a sort of sisterhood. It really helped our skillforce on the court.”

image (1).jpeg

Katie Pfaff

Q: How did your love for tennis surface?

A: “I’ve loved tennis ever since I was really little when my parents would take my brother and me out to the courts and play with us. I haven’t stopped playing or loving the game ever since!”

Q: What is your most memorable moment from the 2016 season?

A: “The entire season has been full of amazing memories but one of my favorites has to be showing up to practice on a rainy day when there were only five of us left, and Judson tells us all to get in his minivan for a ‘team meeting’, so we sat in there and laughed until the rain passed.”

Q: Describe your experience of making it all the way to valley. How did you feel afterwards?

A: “Making it to Valley was an amazing feeling! I didn’t expect to qualify, so I played without fear in my qualifying match, and it worked! I was so overwhelmed when I made it. I was overjoyed and I could tell Judson was as well, because nobody from Woodlake has made it to valley for tennis in several years. When I went to valley, I got an unfortunate draw in the bracket, so I played the defending champion and was beat easily, but it was an amazing experience. I cannot wait until next year! I was very happy and proud to represent Woodlake at such an impressive level of tennis.”

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