A Murderous Play Is Comin’ Your Way!

By: Claudia Zacarias

This year’s Fall play, Writing a Will Can Be Murder, is based around the not-so-fascinating life of the once talented Betty Crawford. After rewriting her will, everyone from Betty’s life, both past and present, rush to her side. Everyone is anxious to reveal whether or not Mrs. Crawford has left them money after Mrs. Crawford is suspiciously murdered. However, Officer Garfield, a library cop, drops by to clear a library fine that is years overdue and the suspects decide he is basically law enforcement.

I had the chance to interview some of the vibrant personalities that made up the cast and asked how they felt about the semi-crazy life in show-biz:

file_000-2Barbara Hallmeyer, Drama teacher

How do you feel about this semester’s play and cast?


“This semester’s play is a hysterically comedy, and I absolutely love everybody in the cast. We have a very talented cast of all underclassmen except for two seniors.”

Of all the new changes this year like our new auditorium and cast, what are you most excited for?


“I’m very excited about the lights and sound because the audience can now hear and see the actors on stage. Mr. McCue has been so kind as to program all the lights for us. We also have a very talented tech crew that includes Wyatt Jordan and Delany Deitz. Our backstage manager is Will Theis.”

What are your hopes for next semester’s musical?


“ I hope students come see our play and get excited about it and want to come out for the Spring musical called Lady Pirates of the Caribbean.”

file_000-1Pia Martinez, Junior

How do you juggle both Drama and your school work and whether or not it is difficult?


“I juggle my school work as well as drama by planning out my schedule thoroughly and by doing homework at drama which is really helpful. I don’t think it’s difficult as long as you don’t wait until the last minute.”

Do you feel as if being in drama has helping you grown?


“Yes, I do feel as if drama has helped me grow as a person  because it really brought me out of my shell and made me more energetic.”

file_000Sakawat Hossain, Senior

Why did you decided to join drama you last year of high school?


“ I decided to join drama this year because I had not taken a fine arts class, although it became fun throughout the semester.”

Would you suggest being in drama to other student such as freshmen?


“Yeah, if they are interested in acting and want to express their feelings by becoming a different persona, then I would definitely recommend it. ”

Tell us about your character and if you think your character and you share similar characteristic?


“My character is the detective of the play and goes through the play trying to solve the case of who murdered Betty Crawford. My character and I don’t have similar characteristics although we both love to read.”

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