High Hopes For HOBY

By: Claudia Zacarias and Sandra Murrietta

Winners: Marcela A., Raul Reynoso, and Christina Sherwood

Congratulations to Raul Reynoso, Marcela A. and Christina Sherwood for being selected to attend this year’s 2016 HOBY Seminar at the beautiful campus of Cal Lutheran University in Thousand Oaks, California! The Leadership Seminar will be held June 15th through June 18th,  and the students will experience college life as they live in dorms with roommates. They will learn how to become stronger and better leaders by going through personal and collaborative challenges. Not many student are aware, but attending HOBY is an honor that few get to experience. The sophomores were not only hand-picked by teachers and counselors on campus, but also had to create a resume, write an essay, and be interviewed by caring citizens in our community in order to have to chance to be selected.

What is Hoby you may ask? Hoby is a nonprofit organization founded by Hugh O’Brian, a well-known television star in 1958. Throughout his career, O’ Brian came into good fortune and decided he wanted to help teens develop their potential leadership skills to help better the future.

The 3-4 day seminars are held all over the states in different cities, where traveling is convenient for the students coming from 3 blocks away or 3 hours away.  The conference helps sophomores all over the world discover what their true leadership potentials are by helping them break out of their shells.

We wanted to interview the winners and ask them some questions about their hopes for HOBY…

file_000Christina Sherwood, Sophomore

Q:  Based off your sister’s Hannah experience, who was one of last year’s HOBY attendees, do you have any expectations for Hoby?

Christina: “Overall I’m just really excited, I think it’s going to be a really great experience, especially  based off what Hannah’s told me.”

Q:  Were you nervous about having to complete the Hoby process?

Christina: “I was really nervous actually, especially the interview at first, but once I got in there and turned in all the requirements, I definitely felt more relaxed and I was more confident about it.”

Q:  If you were trying to describe Hoby, how would you ?”

Christina: “Hoby is a leadership seminar where around three sophomores from different schools, both locally and far, are selected by their teachers as nominees, and they go through the whole application process,  get interviewed, and are selected attend by several members in our community. Hoby is a once in a life-time opportunity to personally expand your leadership skills.”  

file_000-4Raul Reynoso, Sophomore

Q:  Would you consider the HOBY application process as difficult or easy?

Raul: “If anything I would say it was fun because while I was finding out about the process and completing each assignment, I discovered more about myself, my situation, and who I am as a person. Overall so it was fun discovering new parts of me.”

Q:  So what are your hopes for attending Hoby? What do you want to gain from the experience?”

Raul: “What I hope to gain from this conference is to become a stronger leader, where I can hopefully come back to Woodlake High School and bring back what I learned and influence my peers positively.”

Q:  Are you nervous or excited about attending Hoby?

Raul: “I’m just excited to attend, I’m excited to meet the other candidates who got accepted, and I can’t wait to learn about what I hear is a valuable experience.”

file_000-5Marcela Arambula, Sophomore

Q:  So what was your first reaction after you found out that you were selected to go to HOBY?

Marcela: “I was so happy and excited that I wanted to burst out in tears of joy”

Q:  What are you hoping to bring back from your experience at Hoby?

Marcela:“I am hoping to bring back positivity and leadership skills. and learn how to communicate better with others”

Q:  Do you think you’ll be nervous to be away from home for three to four days in a different atmosphere with strangers?”

Marcela: “No, I actually think that it’ll be refreshing to get away from my family, friends, and have the opportunity to meet new people.”

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