Turkey Shoot Recap!

By: Charlotte Lira & Christopher Coelho

Woodlake FFA hosted its annual Turkey Shoot on Saturday, December 3. Twenty-four turkeys and hams were given out this year as prizes for the winners of each round. At this year’s Turkey Shoot there were approximately 50 people that showed up to shoot and support Woodlake’s FFA. This year was the first that the Woodlake FFA Turkey Shoot had an all women’s round, along with having the regular men’s round, and an Annie Oakley round. Annie Oakley is when the men, and occasionally some women, line up in a line of 10 and shoot in order; however, let’s say the person in square one missed, and the person in square two hits the clay pigeon, then the guy in square one is out. It goes on until there are two men or women left, and then whoever hits the pigeon first wins the turkey or ham. Over all Woodlake FFA had a great turnout and we hope to see some of you come out next year!20161203_124710screenshot_2016-12-07-09-40-16-1

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