Toys for Joy

By: Juan Sandoval & Isaiah Maldonado

toy-drive-page-bannerEvery year, there are children all around the country that do not get to experience the feeling of opening a new Christmas present. Here in Woodlake, this problem is not rare and many kids do not receive a gift for Christmas. There are many families that cannot afford giving the memory of opening a new present under the tree on Christmas morning. No child should have a recollection of not opening a gift on Christmas for it is a memory that everyone should experience at least once.

This is where the Annual Toy Drive comes in to help these kids receive a toy that will make their Christmas one to remember. Every year, around Christmas time, the community comes together to donate toys and money for the toy drive. Mr. Gonzalez takes part in this process by helping organizing ¨Toys For Joy¨:  ¨We raise money by personal donations from people and service clubs, and also run fundraisers like dinners to raise money for the Toy

Drive. Checks can be made out to “Kiwanis Club of Woodlake-Toys for Joy”. If you want to help your community, the toy drive will be the way to go. Gifts are needed for kids ranging from infants to 18 year olds (as long as they are in school).

Toys For Joy helps around 150 families and 500 children in Woodlake. Listen to the morning announcements for opportunities of donating gifts for the Toy


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