Cry Me a River

By: Shania Finney

Woodlake, along with several other places across the country, finally got to experience the long and desired rainfall that has not been seen in several years. It unfortunately might not bring some places out of the drought though. The water may only sit on the top few layers of the ground and get drained by the sun instead of being absorbed and filled into the ground. Sandbags have been brought into the town of Woodlake, and the residents are getting prepared for even more rainfall than has already been received. Roads have been destroyed with huge holes, but the grass is green! The rain may be a dreary sight for some; however, the after effects are quite amazing!dsc_1548

Take a look outside and more towards the mountains. There is snow! Three Rivers usually gets snow around the winter time, and it has been many many years that Woodlake has not. Luckily, Three Rivers is about half an hour away and the snow can be enjoyed by everyone surrounding the area. Maybe not so much for the residents who get to experience it more often, but it is still something many look forward to. Just be sure to be extra careful when it comes to driving in the rain up to Three Rivers, or really anywhere. Rockslides have occurred and people have gotten up close and personal to a few rocks on their vehicles.


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