Must Watch Flicks

By: Juan Sandoval



Sing, the animated movie that hit theaters this year, is topping charts with its creative plot. The theater owner, Buster Moon has one last chance to save his career and decided to hold a talent show. Animals audition to be the next top singer in this fictional movie. The characters go through many ups and downs, but at the end the comical heart felt story will give a smile. Sing is now in theaters, so go take a look!



This thriller is one for the books for sure. Split is about one man who has a personality disorder, and his mind houses 23 different personalities. The story really begins when Kevin, the man with the disorder, kidnaps 3 teenage girls and holds them captive. Throughout the film the girls try to escape the sinister chamber they are held in. Split is now in theaters, so go buy a ticket and have a thrilling great time.


Why Him?

Why Him is a hilarious movie that will be the highlight of the night. It features James Franco, who plays the role of a crazy out of control man who lives his life on the edge. Zoey Deutch plays the girlfriend of James Franco in the movie, who are both complete polar opposites, and Zoey’s dad does not approve of their relationship. Throughout the movie, the new soon to be family experience many ups and downs that they have to resolve before their wedding date. Catch this film playing now in any theater.

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