The Great Speech

By Adin Ross

The 45th president of the United States, Donald Trump, gave an interesting speech during the 2017 Inaugural Ball, in which the U.S. citizens will never forget.Throughout his speech, President Trump made many promises to the country,praised Mr. Obama for his glorious work within office, and thanked all of his supporters. One of Trump’s main promises was to bring back much needed jobs for the American  people. He stated that one of his major goals as president is to decrease the amount of people on welfare and put them back to work. Citizens hope he can keep his promise because increasing the employment rate would be a miracle. Several citizens are hardworking, yet it is lazy and unmotivated that need to find a job in order to help the economy.

The unemployment rate has been higher since President Clinton so Trump is hoping to see an increase during his 4 year term. Another questionable topic that most of us are aware of is Trump’s wall idea. Although the border patrol agents have doubled since 2001, and there are still thousands of illegal immigrants and drug smugglers still getting through. Mr. Trump blames past presidents for the crime rate rising because of the lack of border protection. However, this is a controversial topic that is leading to problems. Looking back to Mr. Obama’s Inaugural speech we can notice there are almost double the amount of citizens that attended his events than Trump’s. There has been many parades and marches protesting Trump and his campaign because of his thoughts and beliefs; however, America will have to wait and see if Trump will stay true to his promises and  really makes our country great again.

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