The Senior Spills

By: Isabella Franco and Isaiah Maldonado

It’s almost time to say goodbye to the class of 2017, so might as well get to know a few interesting things about our very fine upper class men and women. Scouting for seniors to choose from was not easy. With such an amazing group of seniors at our school, it was a difficult choice to make. Nevertheless, here are some questions answered by a couple of your senior classmates.

noe-garcia-20Noe Garcia
What’s your Dream Car?
Garcia: “My Dream car is a Dodge challenger.”
What kind of shampoo do you use?
Garcia: “The shampoo that I use is Head and Shoulders.”
How do you keep your body in shape?

Garcia: “Squats. Lots of squats.”



img_20170119_213734_064-1Alondra Franco

Who are your favorite memories with?
Franco:“All my favorite memories are with Elizabeth Ramirez and also Anthony Torres.”
What’s one place you would love to travel to?
Franco: “I’d like to go to Switzerland so I can visit Cristina Yang.”
What  would be your Dream Line-Up Concert?
Franco: “I’d love to see The Weekend, Mario
J.Cole, Chris Brown, Justin Bieber, and Drake.”


senior-carlos-rod-7Carlos Rodriguez

Are you excited to graduate?
Rodriguez:“Yes, I am very excited to graduate high school.”
If you could throw one big shindig, who would you invite?
Rodriguez:“I would invite a lot of buddies, we’re famous, right?”
Would you ever shave your head?
Rodriguez:“No! No, I will never shave my head unless it was for a good cause.”



shorty-yes-img_20170119_102852Elizabeth Ramirez

What is your funniest moment?
Ramirez:“My funniest moment would be the time I peed my pants at the carnival a couple years ago. Then I had to run all the way back home.”
Favorite go-to snack is?
Ramirez: “My go to snack is Hot Cheetos.”
How tall would you like to be?
Ramirez: “I’d like to be 5’2 with some attitude.”

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