Siblings Are Forever

By Robby Stevenson and John Poo

Woodlake High School may be small, but with over 25 sets of siblings, it makes school a lot more interesting. We interviewed 4 sets of siblings to ask how they get along in and out of school.


What is the most memorable moment you have had in high school together?


Skylar Rodriguez“My favorite memory with my brother Nate is when we took a trip to Taco Bell during first period and he let me drive. I thought I did great, but if you ask him he was scared for his life.”

Nate Rodriguez-  “When I let her drive for the first time she put the pedal to the floor while we were in the dirt.”


Josie Ramirez–  “Well I don’t have a favorite memory with my brother during high school; he hates me.”

Diego Ramirez“I don’t know what Josie is talking about, we hang out all the time!! I love Josie!! XOXO.”


Callie Vincent“I have a lot of good memories with my brother throughout high school, but some of my favorites are driving the jeep to school with him and just messing around. Freshman year was really really fun during baseball and softball season because we practiced right next to each other and would always watch each other’s games, which I think is really cool.”

Clayton Vincent“My favorite high school memory with my sister was when she drove the jeep home and stalled it like 10 times.”


Brenda Hernandez“Driving to school with him every morning and after school, and when I need something he’s always there.”

Emmanuel Hernandez“I love driving to school in the morning with my sister.”


Growing up, did you get along?


Skylar Rodriguez“Believe it or not, we actually got along great as kids.”

Nate Rodriguez “Yeah we did, for the most part.”


Josie Ramirez–  “No I despised my brother and he did as well; we never really bonded until I was in high school.”

Diego Ramirez“Josie and I got along great. I enjoyed playing with her barbies.”


Callie Vincent“Yea, we did everything together growing up, he’s my twin, but we are both really competitive so whenever we played each other in basketball or pretty much anything, it would sometimes end up in a fight. He’s chill and I’m talkative, so we mix well together .”

Clayton Vincent“Yeah she was chill, but then out of nowhere she wouldn’t be.”


Brenda Hernandez“Yeah, I think we did. I mean we always would throw our fits at who got what and who’s better, buts that’s all part of the process.”

Emmanuel Hernandez“Yes, my sister and I got along very well. The time when we got along the most was when we put the star on the Christmas tree and then lit up the tree.”


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