Who’s the New Guy?

By: Jakob Bischoff & Juan Macias

To start off this new year Woodlake High School has hired the new Agriculture Mechanics teacher, Mr. Cochran. Born on November 19, 1955, Mr. Cochran was raised in Exeter, California where he began his agricultural career working in a packing house- at the age of 16. After high school he decided to join the Navy for four years, sailing on the U.S.S. Halsey for 3 different tours. While serving his country, Mr. Cochran also travimg_0971eled to new places such as the Philippines and Hong Kong. After the Navy, he went to college at Chico State where he majored in Ag. Mechanimg_0981ics.  Later he began his teaching career at Dos Palos High School, although he left after purchasing a business in Exeter called Cooper Weller Machine. He purchased his company from his retired Ag. teacher from high-school, who partially inspired him to become an Agriculture teacher himself. Mr. Cochran wanted to have both a successful career; however, he also wanted to have a family. He married his wife Sharlene on January 14, of 1978, which now marks 39 years of marriage with the love of his life. They have three successful kids: Travis, Erika, and Abby. Travis is now attending U.C. Davis where he is studying political science. Erika has stayed in the valley where she attends Fresno State where she is studying English. Abbey, on the other hand, moved to Indiana where she works as a social worker. Although Mr. Cochran haimg_0978-1s only worked at our school for about a img_0977month now, he says his favorite thing about our school is the students. He loves how he is able to recognize that students want to be at school and are eager to learn. If you see Mr. Cochran around campus, be sure to give him a big Woodlake welcome. We are happy to have
Mr. Cochran here and hope that he remains w
ith us for a long time.

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