Winter Sports Recap

Jordan Price & Misty Stevenson



Over Winter Break, some students slept all day and watched Netflix, others were doing homework, meanwhile our Tiger athletes were showing off their Tiger Pride as they competed in tournaments. First, the Boy’s Varsity Soccer team played two games. In these two games they went 1-1-0 beating Crauthers and tying Parlier. Sadly, the Boy’s JV took the L in both of their games. They came close with a score of 1-0 versus Parlier, and 2-0 versus Crauthers; however, we wish them luck on their upcoming games.  Even though the boys lost and won some, the Girl’s Varsity soccer team lost 4-0 against Exeter. The Girl’s JV team also was taken down by a score of 1-0, but came back and tied Parlier 0-0. Overall we didn’t win too many, but we are coming back strong and racing to take the league title and show our Tiger Pride once again!

During the course of Winter Break, both girls and boys Basketball teams had games. The boys varsity team went 1-3 in the Frank Ainley classic, which was hosted by Woodlake over winter break. They now have an overall record of 4-17 with a league record of 0-4. The boys JV team is 0-2 with a league record of 1-3. The frosh team is 1-0.

The boys basketball program is off to a rough start, but our hopes are still high. Let’s support our Tigers as they play again in the upcoming weeks.

On the other hand, girls basketball season had a slightly better start than the others. They are 5-11 overall and 0-3 in league. They went 3-1 throughout their tournament and had a great time playing. The JV girls basketball  team is 0-1 overall.ling tea

The wrestling team may be small but they are mighty! The have a league record of 3-1 and will strive to take the league championship.

The team’s may have had a rocky start, but the season is just starting! Woodlake Tiger’s are ready for a challenge so let’s go hard!

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