Anti – Bullying


By: Isabella Franco

Minute by minute, second by second, someone around us, or around the world is currently getting bullied. The antagonizer might see it as all fun and games, but they never think about how it might affect them emotionally and mentally. The little whispers and memories are what the victim has to live with for a lifetime. There is nothing that can take away all the memories and hurt. The outcome of bullying that can not be handled or put to a stop to,can result in suicide or mental illness along the way. We, as individuals, have the power to put a stop to end bullying. Ways that we could put an end to  bullying is to speak up, do not be afraid to talk to an adult, a teacher, or friend; they are here for you. Trust me, it might be scary, but don’t be afraid to stand up for yourself because bullying needs to be addressed and stopped for the mental health of everyone.

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