Springin’ Into the Season

By: Julian Duran

      Winter, in all its essence, was a beautiful season with its fires, snow, and hot cocoa, but something new is right around the corner; Spring. Spring brings blooming flowers, the buzz of the bees, and the freshest air around. It also brings with it the Spring sports season. With Baseball, Softball, Swimming, Track, Golf and Tennis going on, it’s quite rare to find a student not involved. Athletes all come together to perfect that throw, hit the ball just right, or obtain the horrific swimmer’s tan. At Woodlake High, Spring sports have begun with games already coming their way. The swim team started swimming in January, and the team has accumulated over 20 eager swimmers in the pool. Baseball and softball both show a variety of skill levels between experts and beginners. Baseball has already taken a tough loss; however, the boys say they plan on working hard and showing their tiger stripes in the near future. Tennis has not had any matches as of today, but they have about 5 boys out there who are ready to make that backhand look perfecto! Track is always one of Woodlake’s strong suits, and although they have just begun the season, many are excited to see them bring home the gold!  Golf has its first match on Thursday, March 2nd, so best of luck to the traveling golfers. The season has only started, and yet one can already see the future outcomes based on the athletes’ high spirits and love for the sport.


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