Springing into Spring Break

By Misty Stevenson

With Spring break quickly approaching, students are getting excited to have a break from school. Let us check in with some students to see what their plans are:

What are your plans for Spring Break?

IMG_9086  Kassidy Hildebrand (Grade 9): “I am going to Huntington Beach with my friends, and I also plan to go off-roading in Death Valley.”

IMG_1215 Adin Ross (Grade 10): “I’m going to Santa Barbara. I’m going to go to the beach and see a Travis Scott concert, and it’s gonna be lit.”

FullSizeRender  Juan Sandoval (Grade 11): “My friends and I are going to Mexico.”

IMG_8637Shania Finney (Grade 12): “I may go to Universal Studios, but most importantly, I plan on doing a lot of sleeping.”4581_001-page-001 Arturo Garcia (Grade 12): “I’m going to be driving a lot and spending a lot of time in Bakersfield.”
As Spring Break is approaching, kids are getting restless for a break. Be safe everyone and have a good break!

Lighthouse Club Helps The Central Valley

By: Charlotte Lira

Serving in the U.S. military far away from home – whether in Afghanistan, Iraq, South Korea, Germany, Africa or any of our dozens of other overseas military bases – is difficult at any time of year, but most service members really long for a “hug from home” during the holidays. Something as simple as a package of soup, some powdered drink mix, sunscreen, lip balm, baby wipes, fresh razors or a new deck of cards sent to one person can lift the morale of an entire unit of soldiers.

The Lighthouse Club at WHS are going to be placing bins around the campus during the next few weeks to collect items to send to our service members through Central Valley Blue Star Moms.

If you know any military personnel who are serving outside the U.S., please feel free to contact Mrs. Hallmeyer or any member of Lighthouse Club, and they can help your loved one get signed up.

We are asking your help in gathering materials to send. Here is a list of items that we can use:

Beef Jerky Cup-O-Noodles Baby Wipes

Trail Mix Packaged nuts Disposable razors

Hard candy Breath mints

Protein bars Protein powder

Sunflower seeds Pumpkin seeds

Tuna packets Lunch kits

Playing cards Flavor packets for water bottles

Cotton socks – black only Lip balm

Please note: We are not able to send scented items or liquids since they might contaminate food items. Also, no chocolate or anything that might melt.

Watch for our bins coming in April!

2016 Woodlake Awards Dinner

By: Adin Ross

The marvelous and spectacular Woodlake Awards Dinner occurred on Friday, March 3rd in the one and only, Woodlake Veterans’ Memorial Building. This dinner was hosted by the great Kiwanis of Woodlake. Key Club served a delicious dinner, which included, pork, mac n cheese, salad, and some rich veggies. Some listed awards were Anthony Perez, Man of the Year, Marsha Ingrao (Woman of the year), Lifetime Achievement Award: Frank Ainley and Ida Jean, Spirit of Woodlake, H.O.W (Helping One Woman) – Nicole Macias, Youth of the Year: Brook Rivas and William Theis, Community Organization, Trinity Apostolic Church, Youth Mentor, Juan Gamez, Education of the Year, Darlene Hardcastle, and last but not least, Business of the Year, Panaderia La Estrella. All of the award winners deserve a round of applause because of their sincere representation of Woodlake.



Lights, Camera, Oscars

By Jakob Bischoff

This years Oscars were full of drama, happiness, and lots of records. They were hosted by Jimmy Kimmel, a host of a late night talk show, who in many people’s opinion did an amazing 0228-CREDCARPET-red-carpet-oscars_full_600job. It was held in Dolby Theatre in Hollywood California. It was watched by over two-hundred million people. The big winners of the night were Moonlight and La La Land.

Moonlight, a movie about a young man growing up in a rough neighborhood, won two awards including best picture, which is considered one of the if not the most important award. The movie La La Land, which is about a jazz musician who falls in love with an actress won six awards. These included best actress (Emma Stone), best directing, and best music. Zootopia, a Disney movie, won best animated movie.

La La Land was ironically the biggest winner and loser of the ceremony. During the announcement of best picture the envelopes that hold the winners got mixed up. This caused the host to say that La La Land had won best picture, when in reality moonlight had won. All of the actors and directors from La La Land came to the stage with big smiles on their faces thinking that they had just won one of the most important categories. This all changed quickly when the host, Jimmy Kimmel, start telling the cast members that there had been a mistake. This all ended with a member of La La Land’s cast stepping up and announcing that Moonlight was the real winner of best picture. In the end the members of La La Land all congratulated the members of Moonlight and everything seemed relatively normal again. Many people on twitter called this whole ordeal a publicity imagesact.

All in all this year’s Oscars were extremely entertaining. Whether it was because of the entertaining host or the fact that the drama made it a bit more exciting to watch,  most people are saying that this year’s oscars were a huge success.




Students Springin’ into the Spotlight

By: Julian Duran

The flowers are beginning to bud, the sun is starting to shine, and the weather is getting a whole lot warmer! What does this mean? It’s March! This comes with the start of the most beautiful season of spring! We are halfway through the semester, and the end of the year is already in our sights. I’ve rounded up a couple of students to ask them some questions about themselves.


Charlotte Lira

What would you risk your life for?

“Definitely for all of the members of One Direction! Not Zayn though, he is such a jerk!”

Would you rather be unattractive and live forever, or be amazingly attractive and die in a year?

“I definitely would love to live forever so I can be with all of my loved ones!”


Adin Ross

Would you rather be unattractive and live forever, or be amazingly attractive and die in a year?

“I definitely would rather be attractive so I can get all the gir… eh, I mean friends!”

What would you risk your life for?

“I would risk my life for J Cole or Drake, the best rappers of all time baby!”

Jazzaffair By: Kassidy Hildebrand

April 7th, 8th, and 9th of 2017 marks the 44th Annual Jazzaffair in Three Rivers, California. Jazzaffair is a multi-day jazz concert held by the Sierra Traditional Jazz Club. This event hosts some of the most famous bands and solo artists in the nation. One band in particular, the High Sierra Jazz Band, has been on multiple world tours and is the most famous band at this event. Jazzaffair attracts people from all over the nation. The band lineup this year consists of the High Sierra Jazz Band, Blue Street Jazz Band, Bob Draga, Cornet Chop Suey, Flip Oaks Quartet, Grand Dominion Jazz Band, High Street Band, Jerry Krahn Quartet, Kylie Castro, Carl Sonny Leyland, Shelley, Bill and Eddie, Stardust Cowboys, Titan Hot Seven Jazz Band, and Tom Rigney. These bands travel from all over the nation to perform at Jazzaffairs. If you are interested in this jazz filled weekend, tickets are sold online, and all ages are welcome. The Early Birds 3-day all day event badge is $95. The 3-day all day event badge is $100, and if you want to bring your children along, they are $50 each (no age limit). If you are interested in going to the recognition dinner, tickets are $15 each. The seventh graders at Three Rivers Union School, also work the event serving lunch and dinner to all those who come out.


You Forgot the “e”!

By Juan Macias
3.14159265…How did someone get those numbers? “What are those numbers,” one might ask? Those randomly ordered numbers are not so random, they are actually the solution to 22/7, imagesand they go on forever. They are the digits of Pi, π and were first discovered by an Ancient Greek Mathematician of Syracuse, who gave a close estimation of what Pi is today. Pi is widely mistaken to be another subject taught in school and appears to be useless when being used in a math class, but its use is major. Pi is used in careers that make our everyday lives, si240px-Prince-of-pimple and easy, such as astronomy, physics, engineering and architecture. Without any of those jobs, life today would be impossible. So why not celebrate it? Larry Shaw, a physicist, organized the first celebration of Pi March 14, of 1988, in San Francisco, but became national on the 22nd of July 2009. Well when is Pi day? The correct guess would be 3/14 or March 14, but Pix-wide-communityonce every century people can celebrate not only the first three numbers of Pi but the first five, March 14th of –15. So readers who didn’t celebrate it this year, you’ve always got a chance next year.

Pennies for Patients

By, Lauren Little

In the month of March 2017, Woodlake High participated in a fundraiser for patients who are diagnosed with Leukemia & Lymphoma. This benefit is called Pennies for Patients which has been a successful fundraiser since 1994. Millions of dollars have been raised through spare change and pennies by more than 10 million elementary, middle, and high school students throughout the country! The Woodlake students have successfully raised $921.63; however, they did not make their goal of $1,750. But, the students had a great time fundraising, trying their hardest, and next year they are hoping to do better! Throughout this fundraiser, the school competed in a competition by 6th period classes to see who could fundraise the most; the winner of this competition would result in a pizza party. Congratulations to Ms. Biello’s 6th period class for the winner of the pizza party competition. Way to go Woodlake High School for participating in a life changing experience, until next time..

Mr. Steal Your Girl

By: Isiah Maldonado



This year one of our fellow classmate, Juan Sandoval has received an amazing opportunity to be apart of Boys State. So what is a Boys State? The Boys State summer time educational program was first founded by The American Legion, specifically two Illinois Legionnaires in 1935. Boys State is a well known program and has 2.9 million members. Those who participate in Boys State learn the rights, privileges and responsibilities of franchised citizens.The training objective is structured on the the branches of government, judicial, legislative, and executive. The Boys State program specifically recruits high school boys for  governmental experiences. These experiences offered by the Boys State program can open up many future opportunities. Not just anyone can be apart of Boys State, you must be selected, have good grades, and a leader of their class.


Congratulations Juan for the great opportunity!

Pray For London

By: Jasmine Gomez

On March 23, 2017 a terror attack occurred in London leaving 5 people dead and 40 injured, shocking the world tremendously. A man in a sports utility vehicle crashed his car into pedestrians leaving several injured. Kurt and Melissa Cochran of West Bountiful were celebrating their 25th wedding anniversary when they were tragedy struck by the vehicle. Melissa Cochran is seriously injured, but her husband Kurt sadly didn’t make it. Many friends and family said he was a very loving person and will always be remembered. The attacker didn’t stop there, he stabbed a police officer to death. Many are still trying to figure out the attackers name and where he is from. So far all they know is that there was only one attacker.


Many people are continuing to post on Twitter with the quote,”Pray For London”. Others around the world are giving their deepest sympathy towards the victims and their families. As they work together to find a way to prevent this from ever happening again.