I Just Called To Say I Love You…

By: Claudia Zacarias

February is best known for one specific day that celebrates love and romance, yet  heartbreak and loneliness for others. While some WHS students show the appreciation by giving each other gifts such as chocolates and flowers, other students want nothing more than to go home and binge-watch their favorite Netflix series. We decided to ask a couple of students Valentine’s Day questions in order to see their different perspectives on this day of love.

file_000-8Priscilla Saucedo, Junior

What are your plans for Valentine’s Day?

Priscilla: “I plan on chilling with my boyfriend. Most likely watching some Netflix with my boyfriend and get chocolate wasted.”

What’s the perfect gift you want your boyfriend to get you for Valentine’s Day?

Priscilla: “Definitely one of those giant teddy bears from Costco.”

file_000-7Regina Franco, Senior

What’s your favorite romantic movie?

Regina: “The Notebook”

How would you deal with the unwanted romantic attention of an admirer?

Regina: “Be nice about it and tell him you’re not interested. Let him know that he should move on to someone else.”

Describe your perfect Valentine’s day?

Regina: “Going to a romantic dinner”


file_000-10David Paul Alvarado-Coa and Clayton Vincent, Juniors

What’s your favorite romantic movie?

David : “Fifty Shades of Grey because Christian Grey changes; it’s beautiful. ”

Clayton: “Fifty Shades Darker because it’s a beautiful movie.”

Do you prefer chocolates, flowers, or a card with a personal message?

David: “ Chocolate because… I like chocolate.”

Clayton: “ Chocolate because I got to get them GAINZ!!”

Describe your perfect Valentine’s date?

David: “In & Out and Chill.”

Clayton: “Goin muddin’ in the mud! Oh and chillin’. ”

file_000Elian Andrade, Junior

Have you ever received a gift or card from a secret admirer?

Elian: “Yes, it was a card in middle school, and it said something like ‘Hey we don’t talk much but that should change’ it was basically an Instagram Tbh.”

Is a romantic gesture more powerful on Valentine’s Day or on another day of the year?

Elian:” I don’t think it should really matter. I mean Valentine’s is a corporate scheme so we can spend lots of money on one day, but no matter what your still showing affection.”

Describe your perfect Valentine’s Day?

Elian: Umm okay, forget relationships, I’d rather spend my Valentine’s Day with my friends at my house, eating waffles and playing Cards Against Humanity.”

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