Equity of the Art, Create CA

By, Nikole Kimble

“Create C.A. defines Equity in Arts Education as the right of every student to engage and succeed in powerful, high quality standards based arts learning K-12.” Many people of different races, ages, disabilities, etc, do not have an equal access to arts education opportunities. Create C.A. has endorsed 6 principles to give ALL students certain rights to art education. The first principle is, students have the right to participate and succeed in art, not mattering where they live. The second principle is students can fully develop their artistic potential at any grade level. The third principle is students have the opportunity to engage in arts education that reflects, respects, and builds on their culture and language background. The fourth principle is they have the right to receive the resources they need to be successful in their studies. The fifth principle is they have the right to feel supported by the leaders in their community. The last principle is they have the right to learn and practice their art in a positive environment. Woodlake High School art students were chosen as one of the six schools in the state of C.A. to enter the contest. The contestants chosen from Woodlake are: Crystal Zaragoza, Celeste Arellano, Carlos Tavarez, Sandra Murrieta,  Selina Lopez, Jazmine Paniagua, Maria Lopez, Shania Finney, Victor Leon, Maggie Villasenor and Cecilia Loza. One of these students will win $500.
Enjoy the art pieces students of Woodlake High have submitted.

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