Women Rule!

Womens-Rights-Equal-Human-Rights-650x431 (1).jpg

By: Isabella Franco

In 1884, the first Women’s Convention was held in Seneca Falls, New York.  The convention was the first step towards bringing awareness to the the world that women wanted to break free from the stereotypical traits that the world had portrayed them out to be. Women were tired of not having the same equal rights as men.  Their rights were denied simply because they were women.  As women started to join the workforce they started to see the injustice and the treatment they received from men just because they were women.  Women’s fight started with obtaining the right to vote and did not stop fighting until they got the right to vote. On August 20th, 1920, all that hard work finally paid off, and the right for women to vote was embedded in the constitution, but the women’s fight did not stop there.  For centuries, women have been fight for women’s right for better pay, rights for an education, and better treatment overall. Yes, women’s right have improved over the last hundreds of years, but it’s still a long fight.  The attitude that individuals have towards women has nothing to do with their ability to do a job or hold a right just because they are a woman. Women will never stop to rally together to make sure that their voices are heard. On March 8, 2017, women across the nation rallied together to send out an message that even though women have advanced as a gender, women still have a long way to obtain the same equality and fair treatment.  

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