March Madness

By Robby Stevenson

Basketball season is coming to an end, and March Madness is in full blast. Teams around the country are competing to be crowned as the national champions. South Carolina pulled off a big upset beating the number 2 team in the East, Duke. In the South, the number 3 team, UCLA, plays the number 2 team Kentucky. In the Midwest, the number 3 team, Oregon, faces the number 7 team Michigan. UCLA was eliminated by Kentucky with a score of 75-86. Oregon defeated Michigan 69-68. The final four bracket is set with the number one team in the West, Gonzaga, playing the number 7 team in the east, South Carolina. On the other side of the bracket, North Carolina, who is seeded number one in the South, plays the number three team from the Midwest, Oregon. Both teams will be battling on April 1st to earn a seat in the Championship game.NCAA_March_Madness_logo_201622350450-mmmain

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