Springing into Spring Break

By Misty Stevenson

With Spring break quickly approaching, students are getting excited to have a break from school. Let us check in with some students to see what their plans are:

What are your plans for Spring Break?

IMG_9086  Kassidy Hildebrand (Grade 9): “I am going to Huntington Beach with my friends, and I also plan to go off-roading in Death Valley.”

IMG_1215 Adin Ross (Grade 10): “I’m going to Santa Barbara. I’m going to go to the beach and see a Travis Scott concert, and it’s gonna be lit.”

FullSizeRender  Juan Sandoval (Grade 11): “My friends and I are going to Mexico.”

IMG_8637Shania Finney (Grade 12): “I may go to Universal Studios, but most importantly, I plan on doing a lot of sleeping.”4581_001-page-001 Arturo Garcia (Grade 12): “I’m going to be driving a lot and spending a lot of time in Bakersfield.”
As Spring Break is approaching, kids are getting restless for a break. Be safe everyone and have a good break!

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