Chlorine, the New Perfume?

By: Julian Duran & Lauren Little

This Year’s Woodlake High School’s girls swim team are 2nd in league so far, with 2 more meets to go. The boys aren’t doing as well considering they only have 6 males. Within the Woodlake swim team, there are two swimmers who have qualified for the 2017 Valley Finals. One of the swimmers is Mason Smith who has qualified for 100 butterfly with a 1:01, and 50 freestyle with a 25.03. The other qualifier is Lauren Little, who has qualified for the individual 100m breaststroke with a 1:19.33, and 50m freestyle with a 27.54. Even though it is just the two attending Valley, the other swimmers still have been competing strongly throughout the season. Several have cut off multiple seconds and improved far past expectation. Coach Suzie has put countless hours into making the team better as a whole, which has payed off. Let’s see how the swim team continues to do, good luck to them!

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