Time With TRiO

By: Shania Finney and Claudia Zacarias

This month TRiO students are taking a trip to four of San Diego’s best colleges and Universities. On April 24 and 25 the Woodlake High School Students- along with other TRiO students in the Valley- will be going to San Marcos college, University of San Diego, San Diego State, and UC San Diego. TRiO is an amazing program to be involved in; however, many people do not know what TRiO is. TRiO is an Upper Bound Math and Science program that has an emphasis on science and math based majors. The program is world wide and takes students to colleges and helps the students enhance their education on college and how to get there. They also help tutor students once a week in math, science, and many other based subjects. College of the Sequoias in Visalia is the main TRiO center around here. It houses Woodlake High School, Farmersville High School, Orosi High School, and Lindsay High School. Together, these schools gather and go to college trips. It is a great way to see old friends from other schools who have been in TRiO, and to meet new incoming TRiO members.


On the 24th, several of the TRiO students woke up at 4:00 am and went on a charter bus to the San Marcos College. It was a beautiful campus and there was a great tourist. After that, the group went to UC San Diego where they had a quick tour, and then went off into groups to participate in a fun-filled, photo scavenger hunt. The hunt was a blast and the students learned how to better navigate new surroundings by asking for assistance and exploring around the campus. After the hunt, one of the high school alumni, who was attending UC San Diego, took the group of students to a beach location, where the view was absolutely breathtaking.


On the 25th, the students got up bright and early to visit the private school University of San Diego. The school was absolutely gorgeous and quite calm. Then they headed to their last school, San Diego State. The school was lively and overly impacted, but not overwhelming. Most of the students fell in love with this campus! The tour was split into two groups and one of the groups got to meet the president of the campus!

It was a great trip and the students look forward to the next one.


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