We Are Limitless!

By Jocelyn Sanchez and Charlotte Lira


This year, Woodlake FFA took 25 FFA students to the 89th Annual State Leadership Conference. The conference is a four day leadership convention with over 7 thousand FFA members in attendance from all across California. Here the FFA members come together to better their leadership skills and build great memories and friendships that last forever throughout their chapters. The Monday night concert was hosted by country star, Brent Young. Young did an outstanding performance for the 7,000 members that attended the conference. At this event our National officers held workshops that expanded comfort zones, and the various workshops consisted from welding to learning how to swing dance. The students also got the opportunity to explore the Fresno State campus.
Woodlake High School State award recipients were recognized on stage for their great accomplishments. Pia Martinez went on stage to represent Woodlake FFA  for receiving Gold National Chapter, Mrs.Pena went on stage as a San Joaquin Regional Star Counselor. There were also competition teams: Ag Computers received first high in state, with having the top four individuals representing Woodlake. Also Ag Marketing received third high at the Fresno field day competition. We also had two students in the State FFA Band, Jimi Ledesma and Rogelio Chavez. Crystal Sandoval also represented Woodlake FFA in the state choir. Gary Spivey participated in the state talent with is outstanding yo-yo tricks. California FFA was able to give  members limitless opportunities within the four days!


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