Fall Destinations

By: Vanessa Meza

Having trouble figuring out where to go on a chilly October night? Maybe just a place to hangout with friends? Lucky for you there are spooky places all around. Here are just a few that you can visit throughout this month to get your fill of spooky thrill:

Hobbs Grove- located in Sanger CA, come enjoy the haunted hayride, haunted house, and the haunted forest before October ends! A new attraction this year is “The Portal”, an interactive haunted house in which you, the victim, is given a laser gun to fend off evil fiends and make your way to safety. Visit soon as prices will grow as Halloween approaches.



Vossler Farms Corn Maze- located in Visalia CA, this is the 18th year that the corn maze has been open. Try finding all 12 checkpoints as you try to maneuver your way through the maze. If you’re feeling brave, you can try their Field of Screams attraction in which a ghoul guides you through a corn maze of your worst nightmares.

vossler farms

Horror Nights at Universal- located at Universal Studios, come and enjoy all the thrills of the normal Universal Studios, but this time with the added terror of infamous horror movie villains. Come and get your socks scared off and have a great time!


Fright Fest- Six Flags Magic Mountain, come to the park and hangout with the ghouls and zombies that roam the park. Try not to get eaten as you make your way to every roller coaster, as there are monsters at every turn.

six flags

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