HAPPY HOMECOMING!! by Jasmine Sandoval & Amarys Gonzales


It’s getting chilly here in Woodlake, you know what that means?.. HOMECOMING!! Homecoming was a blast, the seniors, especially, enjoyed spending their last homecoming playing dress-up with their friends, and of course attending the football game as well as the dance after the game. The dress up days for this year’s homecoming were music festival based; Electric Daisy Carnival, 1969 Woodstock, Pueblo Fest, Coachella, and Tiger Spirit. The Woodlake football team had an intense game against the Lindsay Cardinals. Despite their tough loss, the players, as well as students, had a blast. This year, there were four couples on the homecoming court; Callie Vincent & Leonel Mercado, Kiara Benavides & Reyes Aguilar, Jackie Villalpando & Jonah Balderas, Dominique Franco & Marcos Cruz. Below are interviews of all of the candidates and pictures of the dress up days.



Callie Vincent & Lionel Mercado: Why would you like to win? Callie; “I don’t care if I win or not, I think it’s a nice memory to make for my senior year.” Lionel; “It doesn’t matter if I win or not, I’m having a great time with Callie and my peers.” 

Kiara Benavides & Reyes Aguilar: What are you most excited for this homecoming week? Reyes; “I’m more excited about Seeing Kiara in that dress.” Kiara; “Being able to participate with the school and dressing up with all the crazy dress up days.”

Dominique Franco & Marcos Cruz: What was the best part of being nominated this year?  Marcos; “The best part of being nominated was getting closer to my peers and getting involved with my school a little bit more.”  Dominique; “The best part about being nominated was getting closer to all the people and my partner in the court, and just having fun, because I love dancing, so I just had fun with it.”

Jackie Villalpando & Jonah Balderas: What is the worst part about being elected? Jonah; “I could not find good outfits to match the dress up days.” Jackie; “I’m not a pessimist, but one thing that was definitely not so bright about being nominated was there was at least a couple hateful people that didn’t like the idea of me being on the court, but I’m happy that the majority of people were supportive and were with me throughout the whole thing.”


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