Student Spotlight

By: Callie Vincent

There are many unique students that attend Woodlake High School that deserve recognition. Student spotlight is designed to showcase different students monthly and allow each to share a little about themselves.  It is important for WHS to get to know their fellow classmates because each student has a story to tell, and something interesting to share. 

Freshman: Kirsten Killian


What is your favorite thing to do outside of school that nobody knows about?

“I like to go to the river with my friends in Three Rivers.”

How do you feel about high school classes? Is it overwhelming?

“My classes are easy for me, and they aren’t overwhelming.”

Sophomore: Skylar Rodriguez


What is the best thing about being a sophomore? How does it compare to your freshman year?

“The best thing about being a sophomore is not being a freshman.. It’s a lot more fun and exciting.”

What is the most memorable thing you’ve done so far this school year?

“I’ve gone to Friday Night Lights with my best friends.”

Junior: Dylan Mills


How does it feel to finally be a upperclassmen?

“ I feel like a medium sized fish in a big pond this year instead of being minnow as a sophomore.”

Do you play any sports? What are your hobbies?

“I play baseball and basketball, and I like to go to the river ; I also play the x box and hang out with friends.”

Senior: Adam Lupercio (Boo Boo)


What are your plans after high school? Any colleges in mind?

“I want to continue my education and travel.”

Any tips for underclassmen when it comes to college applications and scholarships?

“I would say to jump on all opportunities that are given here in order to prepare yourself for the next level after high school, and to start your portfolio early.”

What do you hope to achieve this year before you graduate? Any things you want to do with friends?

“Other than graduating, I just want to have a great year with my friends and make a ton of memories.”


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