Teacher of the Month

By: Michelle Raya

For many years, Woodlake High School has been proudly able to call Mr. Campe a part of their staff. Mr. Campe is Woodlake High School’s Chemistry, AP Physics, Physics teacher, and this month’s teacher of the month. He continues to fill students with knowledge every year and encourages students to do their best in everything. Mr. Campe has been teaching for many years and continues to proudly represent Woodlake High School at its best. Mr. Campe gives each of his students equal opportunities, and believes that each and every one of them has the chance to succeed as long as they put their mind to it.


How long have you been teaching at Woodlake High School for?

“This is my seventh year at WHS.  Before that I taught for four years at WVMS.”

What is your favorite thing about teaching?

The students.  I am very fortunate to have a job that continues to energize me and provide me with great joy.  That energy always comes from my interactions with my students”

What made you want to become a teacher?  

When I was at Cal Poly SLO in mechanical engineering, I watched the movie “Dead Poet’s Society”.  While I come from a family of teachers (my dad was actually my 6th grade teacher), I didn’t truly consider the profession until watching this movie.  After watching it, I decided immediately that I wanted to teach and inspire. The next week I went into counseling, changed my major to Physical Science, and here I am!”

What is something that your students do not know about you?

“Hmmm.  I tell my students quite a bit about myself.  Let’s see…… Do that know that my left ear is pierced?  Do they know that I’ve known my wife since I was 9?  Do they know that I haven’t owned a television since I was in college?”20171030_15172920171030_151728

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