The After School Program

The After School Program at Woodlake High School is a place where students can get extra help on their homework, and have opportunities to join extra activities such as cooking, dance, media concepts, job readiness, arts and crafts, sports, leadership, DJ 101, intro to nursing, and an ASL class. These classes are available every Monday and Wednesday/Tuesday and Thursday. The after school program is a huge help to students that need assistance in school academics in which they may be struggling with. The extra help can boost the student’s chances of not being left behind from their fellow classmates, and the after school program is full of helpful adults that are willing to provide aid to any student no matter what their struggles are.  A typical day in the After School Program consists of students signing in and retrieving their snacks, and then attending mandatory tutorials from 3:45 to 4:15. After tutorials, they can choose to go to their elective class or they can do their homework for the rest of the time until 6:00. Fridays are fun Fridays. Every Friday activity is different.  The students participate in different activities and events that are planned for these days such as board games, Xbox, WII, or even sports.

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