The Three Musketeers

As you notice daily, there are three lovely ladies in the front office who work hard and are dedicated each day to their job. One of these Three Musketeers includes Esther Aguilar, who is in charge of attendance, and her tasks include: signing students in and out who are tardy or need to leave for appointments. If you plan on ditching, she will catch you, so you may want to reconsider that thought. The second Musketeer is Mari, she is in charge of school’s finance department, if you need to pay for anything school related, Mari is the gal to go to. Last, but not least, is Christy Castillo, she is the office supervisor; she shows up early in the morning to make sure the school runs smoothly. She ensures there are subs for any absent teacher, takes care of registering new students, sending school records for future schools for exiting students, sends transcripts, and manages anything and everything office related. All of these wonderful ladies have given nothing, but heart and soul into making Woodlake High School run smoothly and efficiently, without a doubt, they deserve great appreciation and recognition.

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