Ag Academy Agriscience

By: Kiara Benavides

Agriscience Fair is a leadership development event which recognizes student researchers studying the application of agricultural related scientific principles and emerging technologies in agricultural enterprises. As part of their curriculum, Woodlake FFA Ag Academy students are required to complete an agriscience fair project. Students are compelled to create a project following one of six categories: animal systems, environmental services/ natural resource systems, food products and processing systems, plant systems, power structural and technical systems, and social science. After the completion of all projects, a local competition is put together for the academy students to display their research and experiments. The competition is judged by the advisory board and will be hosted on January 31. Those projects that meet a certain threshold grade will advance to compete at the state level. Here is insight on two agriscience projects.


Kirsten Killian:

Kirsten’s project is on the effect of root stocks on several mandarin varieties. Kirsten planted Argentina Clementine and Mihowase Satsumas on Keriza root stock, C35 root stock, and Rich 16-6 root stock (she used the most well known mandarins and root stock in the citrus industry). Kirsten tested the sugar level and the acidity level. Her hypothesis was that Argentina and Mihowase on Keriza root stock would have the highest sugar to acid ratio. Following her experiment, Kirsten concluded that her hypothesis was wrong. The highest sugar to acid ratio was on the C35 root stock.  


Izaiah Benavides:

Izaiah’s project is about water sealants effect on various wood types. Izaiah sprayed three different types of water sealants (polyurethane, lacquer, and oil) on redwood, pinewood, and oakwood. He did so to figure out which water sealant worked the best. After some online research, Izaiah conducted a hypothesis stating that polyurethane would work best on all wood types. Following his experiment, Izaiah concluded that his hypothesis was correct.


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