Funky Finals

By: Jasmine Sandoval

Students at Woodlake High are experiencing a change to their school year schedule and many are not fond of it. The change in their schedule results in their first semester continuing into the New Year, with finals set to take place three weeks after a three week break. Students believe it makes the final process more challenging because of the extension of the fall semester. Students, however, are not the only people that are being affected by this change. Teachers are also facing a challenge. They must decide whether or not to teach an additional unit within the two weeks before finals.

Displaying Copy of Copy of IMG_4791.JPG


Because the schedule has been extended, teachers also have to cram more work into a small amount of time because the testing schedule has not been pushed back, making testing preparations for students a much harder process due to less time available for studying. In an attempt to change the schedule back, students have began signing petitions to persuade the Woodlake School Board to change the schedule back to its original way.  


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