Harvesting Leaders

Woodlake Union High School has given a senior a huge opportunity to attend the Sacramento Leadership Experience. SLE is a four day FFA conference during National FFA week. The top 75 seniors from all different schools get to attend this amazing opportunity. Woodlake FFA President, Pia Martinez, is going to attend this leadership experience.


By: Jessica Ruelas

Pia Martinez

Q: What does Leadership mean to you?

A: “Leadership to me means focusing on guiding others and helping them achieve their goals. I believe a true leader cares more about helping those around them succeed, and less about their own personal success.

Q: How has FFA helped you as a person?

A: “FFA helped me personally grow into the person I am today. It has given me a sense of family and a passion for agriculture. Through my involvement in the FFA, I have learned  leadership skills, about self-improvement and professionalism, as well as about all the wonderful things that the Agricultural Industry has to offer. I have experienced the power The Blue Jacket has, and it is truly life changing.

Q:What does being a FFA officer mean to you?

A: “Being an officer in FFA  to me means fully devoting your time to servant leadership and the improvement of the organization. Being an officer has truly enriched my FFA experience and sparked my love for serving others. I am so grateful for the experience of being in a leadership role within the FFA,  and could not picture my life without it.


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