Teacher of the Month! by Reyes Aguilar

Teachers are the backbone of any high school, they provide students with the information we need to succeed while also caring for us as their own. One teacher in particular this month is being recognized for her courageous attitude and her drive to put any student into the path of success. The teacher that Woodlake High School has chosen to recognize is Blanca Lucatero. Blanca Lucatero, also known as Mrs. Luc by her students, is a jack of all trades by nature. She wears many hats here at Woodlake High School. She is the AP Spanish teacher, GSA and CSF Advisor, the cross country assistant coach, and even the swim teams coach. Students are excited to enter her room, not only because she’s a phenomenal teacher, but also because she acts as a motherly figure to every single one of her students. She supports her students in multiple ways, which is much appreciated.


Q: What’s your favorite part about teaching at Woodlake High school for 18 years?
“My favorite part about being here and teaching here is building relationships with the parents of my students, and as a matter of fact, I actually now have one of my past student’s daughter in my class now; Kayla Rueda”
Q: What’s your motto for the way you handle students?
“Usually my motto for children is ‘portansen bien’, haha, but my main motto is usually to keep your options open; don’t back down to anything new as in to scholarships and college applications and things like that”
“I know this may be heartbreaking to hear, but I almost just gave up on teaching in 2009 after 10 years of teaching, mainly because I just wasn’t happy with teaching. I was left with a decision, either leave my job or continue working, despite the fact that I was unhappy. I made a decision to just go back to school and get my masters in social justice, and that is what motivated me to continue teaching”

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