FFA Sweetheart Candidates

By Student Reporters: Isabella Torres and Isabel Garcia

National FFA week is where FFA members all over show their pride to be in this organization. It is typical for chapters to do dress up days and activities to display their FFA spirit. Woodlake not only does dress up days and lunch time activities, but they also host a donkey basketball game in honor of National FFA week and during that game, they crown their Miss Sweetheart and Mr Sweetheart royalty.


Sweetheart Candidates:

Freshman: Izaiah Benavides and Sierra Bolaños

As freshmen, do you think you have a chance against the upperclassmen?

Izaiah: “As freshmen, I did not think that I had chance against the upperclassmen, I didn’t think I would win.”

Sierra: “I think I have a chance because I try my hardest when I’m put into something, and I just pour my heart into it, so yeah I definitely think I have a chance to win royalty.”

Sophomores: Rogelio Chavez and Celeste Medina

What sets you apart from the other candidates?

Rogelio: “I believe that my very flamboyant personality and drama self sets me apart. Other than that all of the other candidates have similar personalities.”

Celeste: “My personality is definitely different from the other candidates, and I think that will help me win.”

Juniors: Anthony Guzman and Edith Guijon

What are your strategies to win?

Anthony: “Looking good and having positive vibes.”

Edith: “My strategies would be giving it my all and having a good attitude.”

Seniors: Reyes Aguilar and Jessica Sandoval

Were you expecting to be nominated?

Reyes: “I was not expecting to be nominated for stud, or whatever it’s called.”

Jessica: “No, I didn’t expect to be nominated at all.”

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