How’s Your Mental Health?

By: Claudia Zacarias

As WHS students get back into the groove of learning, Art classes throughout the day took the time to tell us about their last project, Mental Health. Several classes participated in the seven-day course that taught them how to be proactive in Mental Health situation. A huge shout out to Art (taught by the talented Mrs. Bowers) for positively informing students and trying to make Woodlake High a better place.  

IMG_1885Pria Bunn, Junior

“Why is it important to learn about Mental Health?”

Bunn: “ It is important to learn about mental health because you can help save a life. There’s nothing worse than hearing about a tragedy and knowing how you could have prevented it.”


“What was the most interesting part about Mental Health?”

Bunn: “The most interesting part about mental health was the very  similar signs between suicidal and teenage development.”


IMG_1884Jasmine Ellis, Freshmen

“What made you decide to learn about mental health; were you happy you decided too?”

Ellis: “I’m glad I took the course because several upperclassmen told me that it’s a great, and it’s really informational.”


“What was the best part about learning about Mental Health?”Ellis: “ The best part about taking Mental Health course was learning how to prevent a suicide.”


IMG_1886Jacqueline Rodriguez, Sophomore


“Would you recommend taking Mental Health to other  WHS student? Why?”

Rodriguez: “I would definitely recommend taking it because it gives you a better understanding of how to be proactive.”


“What’s that craziest thing you found out while in the course?”

Rodriguez: “The craziest thing was probably hearing all the statistics of how common it is within schools.”

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