Much Ado About Nothing

By: Isenia Lopez


The play’s title is “Much Ado About Nothing.” It was written by William Shakespeare in 1598. We have adapted it for the 1950’s and are using some of the music from “Grease.” Main characters are Beatrice, who is a strong,witty, sarcastic  woman who never wants to get married and is played by Julia Irvin. Katherine Pfaff will be playing Hero, who is about to get married to Claudio, but she plans on setting up Beatrice which is her cousin. Benedick, played by Freddy Estrada, who is a huge joker and is a popular man and also does not want to get married and plans to die as a bachelor. Claudio, who is the football team’s MVP, falls in love with Hero and plans for the coach to arrange the marriage. Although they all are finding love, Connie and John- John plan to ruin Hero and Claudio’s marriage. Come watch the play on May 17,18, and 19. Student are one dollar, adults are five dollars, and seniors are three.Tickets can be preordered.   38a79523-82a8-4ec1-a125-b0371874e6f6MuchAdoAboutNothingBest2940x470.crop_625x470_157,0.preview


What is your favorite memory while being in Drama?

Katherine  Pfaff

“My favorite memories are being in the makeup room before a show with everyone singing and getting ready, as well as the cast parties at Mrs. Hallemeyer’s house after the final show.”


What has made you laugh during drama?

Jessica Sandoval

“The thing that made me laugh the most was when Elian fell during rehearsal.”

IMG_0079 (2)

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