California FFA State Convention

By: Kiara Benavides

Every year, each state in the FFA Association puts on a statewide conference for its members to take part in. Being one of the biggest states in the association, California FFA is famous for their elaborate, thrilling conferences (with more than 7,000 members in attendance) consisting of motivational speakers, keynote out-of-state officer speakers, leadership workshops/ seminars, awards, scholarships, delegate work, concerts, and installation of new state officers. This year, the conference made its debut in Anaheim and had sessions and workshops hosted inside the California Adventure and Disneyland parks. Taken from the state officer’s message, “We are thrilled to celebrate our state’s talents and achievements from this past year! We will be empowered by our Keynote Speakers, Brett Culp and JesseLeBeau,as well as our visiting National Officers,Breana Holbert and Gracie Furnish! We are looking forward to seeing members innovate in their Supervised Agricultural Experiences, as we present STAR and Proficiency Awards. We will embrace those who support us, envision a brighter tomorrow, and accelerate towards the future, as delegates vote on amendments that shape the future of our association.” The conference is extremely high energy and is something that members look forward to all year. Edith Guijon represented the California FFA Association as a member of the nominating committee. Kiara Benavides and Daniella Frausto took part as voting delegates and voted on FFA constitutional amendments and state officers. Alexis Morales and Gary Spivey showcased their talents as they participated in state band and state talent. Overall,  members were able to active during the impactful and lively event.

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