MiLuna Aguilar Crowned Miss Woodlake 2019

By Emery Elder

The Miss Woodlake program is run by the Woodlake Chamber of Commerce and is a special program for the senior class girls who think they have what it takes to be the face of Woodlake.  The girls who participate in the program spend a lot of time fundraising by selling raffle tickets. Along with fundraising, they practice their talents, poise, and presence for the big night of the Miss Woodlake crowning.  This night consists of showing the community and judges who they really are by presenting themselves and their talents, and answering questions about the community and themselves. The girls are judged and given points for all of theses activities performed on that night.

This year’s Miss Woodlake program had the largest amount of participants of 11 girls:  Jocelyn Sanchez, Marcela Arambula, Emery Elder, Charlotte Lira, Alyssa Gonzalez, Lillian Ramirez, Marie Garcia, Jahaira Coa, Valeria Orozco, runner up Fabiola Soto, and Miss Woodlake 2019 – MiLuna Aguilar.  Woodlake High congratulates MiLuna on her big win!

From Woodlake to Indianapolis

By Clarissa Elias

National FFA Convention is held every year on the east coast in October. Three of Woodlake’s very own FFA members were blessed with the opportunity to travel to Indianapolis, Indiana. Alyssa Mendez, Sophomore, earned her ticket by placing first in her category in the Agriscience Fair, giving her the chance to compete at Nationals. She traveled alongside Mrs. Moran to present her SAE project to a group of judges. Alyssa was brought onto stage in front of thousands of FFA members from across the country to receive her award of being third in the nation. Congratulations Alyssa on all your hard work and dedication.

Each state is required to selected delegates to represent them at National Convention. Two Woodlake FFA members applied to take on the role and they were selected. Edith Guijon (Senior) and Rogelio Chavez (Junior) served with 50 other delegates to represent and be the voice of the member of the California FFA Association. Students who are selected as a California National Delegate are expected to travel to National FFA Convention, serve on National FFA committees, and debate National FFA issues on behalf of the California FFA membership. It is an extreme honor to be selected as a National Delegate for California. Thank you Edith and Rogelio for your dedication and service at this year’s convention.

Tiger Football Bears its Teeth in 2018

By Jocelyn Sanchez and Pria Bun

Congratulations to our 2018 ESL Football Champions! These boys have made such an impact on our community with their accomplishments, both the school and community are extremely proud of the team. Local businesses have shown support to honor our boys’ ESL Championship, and to say that with hard work anything is possible.  Congratulations to Damian Hernandez and Anthony Guzman for being awarded Woodlake Tiger Offense and Defense Player of the Year. Also a big congratulations to Coach Johnson for receiving Coach of the Year; the boys are thankful for the endless support from the coaching staff.

Throughout the season, our Tigers have been working hard both on and off the field. As the Woodlake Tigers head into the first round of playoffs, they defeated the Corcoran Panthers 46-7. This win led them into the quarter finals against the Lindsay Cardinals. Our league champs take, yet again, another win against the Cardinals 30-22. With the woodlake tigers phenomenal performance against Lindsay, they headed to the semi finals to face the Shafter Generals.

During this round, our Tigers faced a tough loss to the Shafter Generals 32-60. Our boys fought with determination and heart. This loss wraps up the final game of the 2018 Woodlake Tiger Football season. Our Tigers had an outstanding season in which they finished with the record of 11-2 and going 6-0 in league which put them in first and undefeated. In this 2018 season our boy’s got one of the biggest wins in Woodlake history, the victory over the Exeter Monarchs 28-15. This big win boosted the determination in not only the players but the coaches and the town as well. Lets get them next year Tigers and continue to make this town proud!

Winter Formal 2018

By Michelle Raya and Jhovana Reyes

Have you ever looked up at the sky late at night and have seen just how magical the moon and stars are? Well lucky for you, this year’s theme is Dancing Under the Stars, so let’s forget the world and let’s dance beneath the stars while wearing a night sky royal blue, an elegant white like the beautiful moon, and an amazing silver to shine as bright as the stars. Lets go have the most magical experience at winter formal, so make sure to set your calendars for December 15th, 2018.

Tickets will be sold in the front office with Mari starting at $35 a single, but to make the night even more magical, make sure to take a friend or a significant other with you to dance the night away for $60 a couple. Hope to see you there, Tigers!

The State of the Bathrooms

By Danielle Doria

Our campus has a bathroom problem.  The amount of privacy in our bathrooms is very limited. The girls restrooms have no locks and the holes where the handles should be are filled with paper in an attempt to allow more privacy.  Up until recently the boys restrooms had no doors whatsoever, and gave no privacy at all.  For someone using the larger restroom it is especially hard because their is no way of holding the door closed yourself, and someone would not know if you are in there unless they call out.

Teens go through many changes in their bodies throughout high school and need more privacy in this time in their life more then ever.  Students shouldn’t have to worry about someone walking in on them while they are trying to use the restroom, or have to worry about holding the door with their feet so they aren’t interrupted.  As a respectful plea to our school, we ask that our restrooms be moderately updated to allow for, at the very least, guaranteed privacy.

Christmas Facts You May Not Know

By Charlotte Lira

‘Tis the season to be jolly and full of knowledge. It’s the most wonderful time of the year and with that there is no room to be a Scrooge. To brighten your spirits for the Holiday season here are 13 facts about Christmas you may not know!

  1. Christmas’ December 25th calendar date replaced a Roman Pagan holiday called Saturnalia after the Roman Empire converted to Christianity.
  2. Prince Albert – husband to Queen Victoria of Great Britain- started the Christmas tree tradition in the 1800s.
  3. Coca-Cola is responsible for much of Santa’s modern image
  4. “Jingle Bells” was originally a Thanksgiving song
  5. Puritans who settled Boston in the 1600s made the celebration of  Christmas illegal (wow i’m glad its not anymore)
  6. Christmas decorating sends nearly 15,000 people to the ER every year due to electrical fire hazards and falling from ladders.
  7. Santa has his own zip code in Canada for kids to write letters to
  8. The term “X-mas” dates back to the 1500s, as “Christianity” was once spelled Xianity – a translation from the original Greek term.
  9. Between Thanksgiving and New Years, Americans ship more than 15 billion parcels of mail
  10. About 90% of Americans celebrate Christmas
  11. Many Americans will spend nearly $1,000 on Christmas gifts
  12. Candy Canes got their start in Germany as gifts to children so they would be quiet during long church services
  13. The most popular Christmas song is All I Want For Christmas by none other than Mariah Carey

United Nations Report: We Have Ten Years to React to Climate Change

By Berthalidia Acosta

For many years, climate change has been a major problem for our world. Unfortunately, it has only been getting worse as the years go by.

In order to try to solve this problem, scientists and climate researchers are suggesting to keep global warming from rising more than 1.5 degrees C (2.7 degrees F). However, the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) released a report saying that in order to reach this goal, it would require 40-50% reduction in emission by 2030. This means a carbon-neutral world with no additional gases in the atmosphere.

Although this may seem impossible, many say that it could happen with the help of new inventions to remove greenhouse gases from the air. The IPCC report also brings hope by suggesting various ways to take carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere. A few tactics they suggested were growing more forests and burning biomass fuels instead of fossil fuels.

Day by day this problem becomes worse and can lead to more severe problems. Some of the problems caused by climate change include: more heat waves, droughts, sea levels increasing, intense hurricanes, glacier melting, etc. We need to act fast, and even the little things you do count. Recycling, carpooling or driving less, reduce waste, turning off the lights and electronics, and plant a tree, are just a few things to do to help.

2018 Midterm Voter Suppression Successful in Georgia, North Dakota

By Magdalena Villasenor

For decades, several states continue to push more regulations to allow citizens to vote in their state. In the recent midterm elections, Georgia, run by a Republican legislature, the recent midterm election governor’s race consisted of a white Republican man named Brian Kemp, running against a black Democrat female challenger named Stacey Abrams. Kemp was also the Secretary of State of Georgia until he resigned on November 8th to start making the transition to run for the governorship. The Secretary of State is in charge of elections, and voter registration.  Kemp, being the Secretary of State, made a regulation that has caused 53,000 voter registration applications to be put on hold. The regulations were set forth in order to ‘stop voter fraud’ by making it mandatory that each document (driver’s license, Social Security card, etc.) have its information match with each other exactly, and if not, they would be put on hold; in other words, citizens would not be able to vote.  “Georgia’s population is approximately 32 percent black… but the list of voter registration on hold with Kemp’s office is nearly 70 percent black” (Associated press).  It seems that this is just another way to manipulate the race in favor of Brian Kemp, by Brian Kemp. Before the new regulations, the race was very close, but due to this set back, Stacey Abrams lost the race by a slim margin even with the endorsement of celebrity Oprah Winfrey.  Stacey Abrams filed a lawsuit to make the rejected absentee and provisional ballots counted, but it was too little too late for Abrams.

In North Dakota, there was a new regulation for voters set two months before the midterm elections was set to take place in order to ‘stop voter fraud’ by making it mandatory that each voter have a personal mailing address on their ID.  In North Dakota there are many Native American reservations that do not provide individual mailing addresses, let alone street names or house numbers. 

Tribal IDs now have to have personal addresses, but this is impossible when Native Americans on reservations have P.O. boxes.  This entirely alienates Native Americans on reservations and effectively bars them from their legal right to vote. 

The election was between a white Democrat female named Heidi Heitkamp who had the majority support of the Native Americans and was in reelection against a white Republican male named Kevin Cramer. This happened back in 2014, the law/ regulation was sent to the Supreme Court by the federal district court in North Dakota that blocked the Secretary of State to make any new regulations for voter registrations. It was then later decided that the lower courts will decide its outcomes.  The law passed in 2018, but is unconstitutional and discriminatory, as Native Americans were two times more likely to lack a qualifying ID.  In North Dakota there is no pre registration to vote, so now that this regulation passed, IDs were made free for a limited time at Native reservations’ polling places, when they normally cost roughly $10.  Most Native Americans received  their ID and began the process to vote when their new county assigned addresses.  So far 500 Native Americans have renewed their ID’s in order to vote as of Oct. 31.

Since the elections have passed, Heitkamp lost the race to Republican Senator Kevin Cramer. In the last elections, Heitkamp won the race by a mere 3,000 votes thanks to the strong influence of Native American voters, and now lost by 35,139 votes.

President Trump Sends 5,200 Troops to Mexican Border to Stop Migrant Caravan

By Alessandra Reynoso

On Monday, October 29th, news broke out about a large migrant caravan, and our president made it clear that the United States will not allow a large migrant group to enter our country illegally. President Trump held true to his claim that he will send over 5,200 troops to the Mexican border, where and the main focus will be in Texas, Arizona, and California, to prevent the migrants from making it into America.

It is believed that the president made this issue a big deal because during that week, a mass shooting and valid bomb threats from some of his supporters were in the headlines during a heated midterm election season.  To distract from those events, President Trump tried to return the headlines back to being focused on migrants – a rallying issue for many of the president’s supporters.  President Trump claimed he would send over 5,200 U.S. troops to the border we have with Mexico, not counting the 2,100 National Guard members already there on duty since last April.

On Tuesday, October 30th, an AP reporter traveling with the migrants stated that most of the migrants are women and children seeking asylum after fleeing their homes, away from the harsh violence of their homelands. President Trump responded to that by making a statement saying that tent cities will be built as asylums for those migrants who are seeking help, but only if they apply for the asylum. Although that sounds a bit supporting towards those people who seek help, President Trump also stated that if any of the migrants throw rocks towards our military (which did happen to Mexican soldiers), U.S. troops will be commanded to treat those thrown stones as gunshots, and to shoot at them without hesitation, but with the intention to wound, not kill.  Yet on November 2nd troops are training for a range of scenarios in bases in Texas and Arizona.   

Since the midterm elections, little has been reported on the migrant caravan, and President Trump has made no further comments about it.  Perhaps it truly was a strategy to rally the president’s base of supporters during a crucial election season and distract from scandals.  Nevertheless, many migrants are still on the move, searching for new opportunities in Mexico, Guatemala, and the United States of America.

Canada Legalizes Cannabis Nationwide – Nearly Runs Out

By Nikole Kimble

Many people are forming long lines, honking horns, and cheering to celebrate this event being passed. Canada legalized cannabis at a nationwide level and it is the second country in the world to do so. After Canada legalized the recreational use of cannabis, they are already running out of supply. Many stores are having trouble to keep up with the demand because so many people are going into them at once. Some stores have even closed down until the stock problem is fixed. The supply in general is just a mess. People are also allowed to carry up to 30 grams of recreational cannabis with them. A study shows about 15% of Canadians will buy cannabis in this year alone.