By Andres Sanchez and Brandon Renteria

The world has recently lost a legend. Comic book genius Stan Lee, the architect of the contemporary comic book, has died.  Stan Lee passed away on November 12th at the age of 95. The creative fireball who revolutionized the comics by introducing human frailties in superheroes created or co-created Spider-man, Black Panther, Thor, Iron Man, X-men, The Incredible Hulk, and many other Marvel super heroes. He began this business back in 1939, and is a big part of what Marvel is today. He was the top writer at Marvel Comics and later was its publisher, reviving the comic industry in the 1960s by offering the costumes and action craved by younger readers while insisting on sophisticated plots, college-level dialogue, satire, science fiction, even philosophy.

There will never ever be another Stan Lee. For decades he proved both young and old can be filled with adventure, comfort, inspiration, strength, escape, and joy. Decades before us Walt Disney reshaped our society, but Stan Lee has also impacted the modern world, selling as much as 7.1 million copies of a single comic and raising prices of comic books past $3,200,000.  He showed everyone what it takes to be a superhero. It isn’t just the powers, but rather character. Most importantly, he taught everyone that one person can make a difference. Don’t be afraid to make that difference; you matter.

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