Christmas Facts You May Not Know

By Charlotte Lira

‘Tis the season to be jolly and full of knowledge. It’s the most wonderful time of the year and with that there is no room to be a Scrooge. To brighten your spirits for the Holiday season here are 13 facts about Christmas you may not know!

  1. Christmas’ December 25th calendar date replaced a Roman Pagan holiday called Saturnalia after the Roman Empire converted to Christianity.
  2. Prince Albert – husband to Queen Victoria of Great Britain- started the Christmas tree tradition in the 1800s.
  3. Coca-Cola is responsible for much of Santa’s modern image
  4. “Jingle Bells” was originally a Thanksgiving song
  5. Puritans who settled Boston in the 1600s made the celebration of  Christmas illegal (wow i’m glad its not anymore)
  6. Christmas decorating sends nearly 15,000 people to the ER every year due to electrical fire hazards and falling from ladders.
  7. Santa has his own zip code in Canada for kids to write letters to
  8. The term “X-mas” dates back to the 1500s, as “Christianity” was once spelled Xianity – a translation from the original Greek term.
  9. Between Thanksgiving and New Years, Americans ship more than 15 billion parcels of mail
  10. About 90% of Americans celebrate Christmas
  11. Many Americans will spend nearly $1,000 on Christmas gifts
  12. Candy Canes got their start in Germany as gifts to children so they would be quiet during long church services
  13. The most popular Christmas song is All I Want For Christmas by none other than Mariah Carey

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