From Woodlake to Indianapolis

By Clarissa Elias

National FFA Convention is held every year on the east coast in October. Three of Woodlake’s very own FFA members were blessed with the opportunity to travel to Indianapolis, Indiana. Alyssa Mendez, Sophomore, earned her ticket by placing first in her category in the Agriscience Fair, giving her the chance to compete at Nationals. She traveled alongside Mrs. Moran to present her SAE project to a group of judges. Alyssa was brought onto stage in front of thousands of FFA members from across the country to receive her award of being third in the nation. Congratulations Alyssa on all your hard work and dedication.

Each state is required to selected delegates to represent them at National Convention. Two Woodlake FFA members applied to take on the role and they were selected. Edith Guijon (Senior) and Rogelio Chavez (Junior) served with 50 other delegates to represent and be the voice of the member of the California FFA Association. Students who are selected as a California National Delegate are expected to travel to National FFA Convention, serve on National FFA committees, and debate National FFA issues on behalf of the California FFA membership. It is an extreme honor to be selected as a National Delegate for California. Thank you Edith and Rogelio for your dedication and service at this year’s convention.

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